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I have taken up a small hobby of writing puzzles for a local puzzlehunt that I basically run. Although not much of a forum game per se, it reminded me of the "I Want To Kill The President" days of puzzle writing, so I'm putting these up if anyone wants to testsolve them. By the way, a puzzlehunt works in rounds (called metas), where the feeder puzzle answers usually are needed to solve the metapuzzle, which caps off a round. Linked below are the puzzles I've written so far for this hunt.

Location 1: The Rabbit Hole
Location 2: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Location 3: The Queen's Court
Location 4: The Pool of Tears
Location 5: The Tweedle Tree
Meta 1: The Vault of Wonderland

[More to be added]

If people like these puzzles, I have a few from previous semesters that I can post as well.
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