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Uh oh.
There are places that need commas. Some words are used incorrectly. There is a missing semicolon.
Still about four mistakes, but that is acceptable. 10 points.

Two more people.
Japan is a beautiful country. The landscapes are amazing, and the country is very clean. Arriving in Tokyo, we were greeted by a city that would leave us in awe. Despite having a population of thirteen million, we didn't see a single piece of litter, despite the lack of bins in public. On the corner of every street, there was a vending machine, not just serving soft drinks and food, but also serving alcohol and cigarettes. In most countries, these vending machines would be robbed, especially when there were no chains, bars or cameras around near vending machines. The safety of the country was amazing, and let my family and I relax. We had people leaving car shops unattended to help us find our way around the various cities we went to.
Sophisticated writing is a tapestry of words woven into beautiful threads of thought and expression. It is not afraid of complexity and ambiguity. It embraces the inherent messiness of the language to produce a work that is greater than the sum of its parts. But this product does not always reflect its artist, as writing in this manner solely for the sake of appearing intelligent will instead harm their credibility. Overly complex writing may fail to effectively convey the intended message. True sophistication does not stem from the artist's ability to draw a photorealistic portrait, but instead from the appropriate brushstrokes, color, texture, and composition to evoke emotions and ideas. In any rhetorical situation, a good writer must be able to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner that resonates with their specific audience.
do the next one now so I can get some points PLEASE
licky when
I need golden points, so I can get the train next to my name.
Dibs for a golden point.
axy gets a golden point
I am crying.
oops that was a bad ninja
You celebrate my suffering.
get to 11K posts
Next person to provide me with a lemon emoji gets 5 points.
5 points for you.
ok phew
e-bag, I'm trying to give you a chance.
And I keep missing it, because I am in class.
I was also in class. I mean, at the end, with all my work done. And now I'm eating lunch.
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