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welcome, students, to bug university.
this is a place of joy, belonging, and learning. a place where you can grow to be the best version of yourself. all classes are taught by yours truly. my name is bug i am the second (and current) president of tcas.

becoming accepted into this university is pretty easy although this is a place of great distinguishment.

to become enrolled:
fill out the google form here . your acceptance or denial will be dmed to you privately, unless i decide you need to be publicly shamed
if you are enrolling in a second semester please fill out the form here enrollment ends this thursday.

current teachers
professor president bug - headmaster & most classes
proffesor theki - toki pona & technology

students enrolled
N/A (currently class is not in)

if you would like to be a teacher, you need to be a graduate of the university majoring in education. some classes require a second major as well.

if you have any questions please ask

course platform made by theki (thank you theki)
you can find your assignments in the course platform
support thread (also made by theki)
i did it
we now have our first student
will you not say the major next to our usernames
i will i just have to copy and paste connoisseur
ok thanks
hi bug i will do this when i get home please remind me
ok ill remind you stripes
yes although we have to work on your haikus
How about this
The loyal knight Shrek
And the princess Fiona
Then I saw her face
beautiful your grades will be great i can see it now
u actually went through with my idea. may i make a generous donation of good luck to this university?

also u now have a good job for after ur presidency lol
thanks for your generous donation and your inspiration for this university
i now have a purpose other than presidency
successful career. after some time in politics and rising to the presidency, u have set aside a teaching job at a university you founded

how long is it to graduation?

if u could, link the tcas republic to first post. I'll add this to state-affiliated instituions on first post of tcas republic. like the national university of tcas
ok and graduation depends on your major
bug, my username is case sensitive
I have been submitted
bug, my username is case sensitive

i dont have a caps lock button my friend
sorry about the haiku president bug
I have been submitted please accept
i have submitted an application yay
Do you realise how absurd it is for me, the vice president, to enroll in a school whose only teacher is the president of TCaS?
i think it makes perfect sense
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