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can I be a teacher
fill out the form and i will decide if you are special
Too much work nvm.


stripes - authoring: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
dementedkermit - pasta professional, education: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
axolotl - water connoisseur, space extraordinaire: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
w_licky - education, history buff: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
ackyyackyattack - drama & the arts, avant garde: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
caveat - toki pona professional: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
blonlordpheonix - pasta professional, education: 100% PASSED (WITH HONORS)
broncoboy18: 100% PASSED
alexonline - socialite, education: 88% PASSED
creeperreaperx - education: 87% PASSED


(if you are on this list, i will be posting on how you can fix this)

noiwillnot - education, space extraordinaire: 0% FAILED
jono667 - worldwide phenomena, history buff: 0% FAILED
ใกใ‚‡ใŸใฎ_chotano - education, drama & the arts: 0% FAILED
blockinguavoidingu - drama & the arts: 0% FAILED

if you think this is wrong, let me know. congrats to the graduates! look out soon for a new post!
guys get on your game
oh wait i messed up
Yay I'm so good at being a student yay. Thanks for everything, Bug.
youre welcome the list should be accurate, please tell me if its not. a lot of people didn't even do any coursework and a lot of them replied in weird messages rather than the original one
sorry bug i made a new one because i wanted the thread to be named bug uni
thats ok you still won
umm, I'm not on either of those lists...
oh ill fix it later
I was supposed to pass but it's okay.
You did
Oh nevermind it said I failed at first.
yes i just keep mwssing up imsorry ๐Ÿ˜”
You apologize a lot.
yes because i am constantly makingmistakes
I submitted almost everything last week?
ok let me just fix everything
I did zero class work and got a hundred.
double posting becasuse i feel like it ok listen im burtnt out i got school and stuff that im procrastinting on ok so listen i will update everything later but smeone else might have to take over as developer of the course platform since i am so tirded
its ok things will be changing theki
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