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the list should be fixed.
bug said:

alexonline - socialite, education: 0% FAILED

but you told me i passed?
no i just accepted you. i dont think you did any of the coursework?
no i messaged it to you and you said i passed?
ill dm you in the chat
ok it should be fixed now
thankyou bug :)
bug said:
youre welcome the list should be accurate, please tell me if its not. a lot of people didn't even do any coursework and a lot of them replied in weird messages rather than the original one

You gave me a score and told me I did all my coursework, I will reply to the old message
see this is what happens when its 2 weeks instead of one
wow bug maybe you should just give everyone a 100 because of this mess up
no way no way
when is the next??
whenever i figure out what i want to do
bug said:
whenever i figure out what i want to do

have you figured it out yet?
I could help.
if you have ideas dm me. honestly i have just been to sad to think about it
When the Idea First Formed
that is indeed the first time bug university was ever thought of
bug said:
whenever i figure out what i want to do

why do you want to change things up?
i want to make things easier for me so that i dont have to be begging people to do things and so that i don't accidentally forget peoples grades and other reasons. i just want it to be better
well i for one will be resigning temporarily as professor because im too overwhelmed by actual university ha ha isnt that funny its not a university its a college but same thigng
its ok theki
Wait theki is in university what
i thought theki was like 15
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