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A Mysterious Sighting on Maple Street

Long before the terrible tragedy at the Belgrade Manor, a sinister plot from the Occult was brewing in a sleepy neighborhood across the globe. Neighbors were complaining to local authorities about chanting and slight earth tremors at night for the past few weeks, and no one seemed to know where it came from. The Mayor, in response to these ever-increasing inquiries, put out an ad campaign for a group of intrepid Investigators that would look into the matter. You were lucky enough to find one of these ads in a newspaper you frequented, and figured your expertise might be helpful in aiding the investigation. As you pulled up to the New England town, a chill goes down your spine. You try to brush off the odd feeling, but only time will show how much evil lies beneath the surface of the idyllic cottages and colorful trees.


Players will be divided into three teams: the Investigators (Town), the Cultists (Mafia), and the Vagabonds (Neutral).
  • Investigators win when all the Cultists are dead or the Mystery is solved.
  • Cultists win when they equal or outnumber the total number of other alive players or the Terror from the Deep is summoned.
  • Vagabonds have their own special win conditions
Situational updates may occur during the game to fit the developing story.


Basic rules are adapted from Antagonist's Mafia thread with the following changes:
  • The Day cycle (48 hours) is divided into two halves: Planning and Investigating. Certain story-based events will have voting cycles during specific halves.
  • Activity is based on both posting and voting in story events.
  • Death is not the end in this game! Although you may not post in the thread, dead players may message me (the GM) a message they wish to send to a Medium every night cycle.
  • Roles and alignments are not revealed on death. Investigative roles may check dead players as their night action.
  • Roles are unique.
  • If there are multiple killing roles on the Cultist team (Detonator, Doombringer, Hypnotist, Serial Killer), only one of them may take an action each night.


Investigator Roles
  • The Cop - You've walked up and down this sleepy neighborhood for so many years, yet you've never seen such a conspiracy as big as this one. You feel like you know everyone like the back of your hand, but maybe someone eluded your intuition since the beginning. Each night, you may check another player's alignment. One player with incorrectly register as a Cultist.
  • The Medium - Your extrasensory perception has allowed you to listen past the veil between life and death, enough to warn you about an imminent disaster here. Each night, you might receive one message from each dead player. Once per game, you may focus all your psychic powers to determine who sent what message.
  • The Mortician - Death does not mean the end of the road, in your profession. It’s up to you to make sure the body is well prepared before a burial, including reading up on the deceased’s history. Each night, you receive the roles of each player that died within the last day and night cycle.
  • The Mystic - The occult has always spoken to you, and it seems like the spirits of the dead are trying to tell you something tonight. Each night, you may choose two players. You will be told three possible roles that may exist between those two players. At least one role given must be correct.
  • The Private Eye - You were hired by a scared neighbor to look more into the weird chants she heard every other night. However, you didn't expect your strolls into the night to reveal this much. Every night, choose two players. You learn if the two players have the same or different alignment.
  • The Revenger - You promised them they would be safe. You'll make sure they'll pay. During Night 1, choose a player. If that player dies at night, you will see every person that visited your chosen player that night.
  • The Savant - Being well read in every subject was your main goal in life, and your degree in psychology was needed to analyze some of the residents of Maple Street. Once per game, you may ask any yes or no question to the Game Master. The Game Master must answer truthfully (unless you are high or drunk).

  • The Nurse - Treating the elderly in this neighborhood was a job you long enjoyed, so how could it be that one of these lovely old grandparents were accused of summoning a Lovecraftian monster? Each night, choose a player to protect. They cannot be killed at night, no matter what. You must choose a different person than you chose the previous night.
  • The Hired Goon - Being the muscle of some conspicuous folks has given you your fair share of troubles. Who's to say you can trust anyone else on this team? Each night, choose a player to protect. If that player is visited, you attack all visitors. If that player is attacked, you die instead.

  • The Commie - You're all for investigating the Cultists, but no one really wants to trust you for some reason. You appear as a Cultist when being investigated.
  • The DJ - A modern jack-of-all-trades, you've trained yourself to be versatile when throwing a party. You may perform the action of a Cop, Nurse, and Hippie once per game each. (The Hippie's action must be giving a player weed)
  • The Hippie - You stumbled into this investigation on accident, but it's the most fun you've had in years. Seems like the other investigators are a bit tense, so you offer them some of your own stash. Each night, you may give a player weed. The next night, that player is high and cannot perform any night action. Once per game, you may give a player adderall. The next night, that player may perform their night action twice.
  • The Moonchild - Maple Street always had the nicest air to take evening walks. It just so happens you hear odd sounds while walking around, and the investigators want you to stay around for questioning. You wish you could just go back to when you were allowed to walk in peace. When you die, choose any alive player. At the end of the next night phase, if the player you chose was good, they die.
  • The Musician - Traveling through Maple Street, you stumble across a really nice park to perform in. The investigators seem really stressed, so maybe some music will help them relax. Twice per game, you may perform a small concert at night. Anyone visiting you will be charmed by your music and stop their action. You will see who visits you when you are performing.
  • The Necromancer - You managed to escape the Occult a few years back, but not without taking some valuable information with you. Once per game, you may attempt to bring back a dead player.
  • The Soldier - War has taught you many things, and watching out for your back was one of them. You are able to survive a single attack due to your alertness. You will be notified if an attempt on your life was made.
  • The Tinker - You've worked on so many inventions that it's impossible to tell which ones are stable now. If you get visited twice at night across the whole game, you die by explosion.

Cultist Roles
  • The Detonator - Pyrotechnics are but the fireworks of the devil. Your bombastic distractions give ample time for the rest of the Cultists to finish the job. Instead of killing a player at night, you may place a bomb at another player's house. If anyone visits the trapped player, the bomb explodes, killing the player and all visitors (unless healed by a Nurse). Only one bomb may be active at a time.
  • The Doombringer - Only when all of humanity is linked together will it be ready for the Great One. Each night, you may hex a player. If you do not hex a player, you may instead kill all hexed players. A hexed player's alignment will show up as a Vagabond, but their role will appear as normal.
  • The Hypnotist - Who cares about an investigation if everyone can bend to your will? Each night, you may either force a player to change their action target at night or control a player to kill a different player at night.
  • The Serial Killer - Although you didn't care much about the cult stuff, the influx of people have made you antsy to try out your new knives on fresh meat. Each night, you may kill one player. Once per game, you may choose to stay home and kill any player that visits you.

  • The Actor - It just wasn't any fun serving tables at the local bistro. You looked around for some work that required a bit of deception, and you found a shady group willing to pay dividends to keep the fuzz off their back. Each night, you may choose another player. You can either appear as that player's role or force that player to target you with their action. If you force a role with multiple targets to target you, one of their targets is changed at random. You cannot kill.
  • The Traitor - The investigation was going well, but you found a big break. Turns out, the cultists had a lot of money and words of power that convinced you to help their cause instead. You have the role of an Investigator, but are on the Cultist team.

Vagabond Roles
  • The Drunk - You probably shouldn't have drank before joining the investigation. You think you're a different role, but all the information you get is false. You win if you survive until the end of the game.
  • The Lawyer - Defending clients is what you do best, even in the most dire situations. Once per game, you may protect your client from getting arrested, no matter how many votes were put against them. You win with your client's win condition.
  • The Love Doctor - You can see chemistry forming between two of the investigators, and you feel a carnal urge to accelerate the process. During Night 1, choose two players. Both players will become Lovers. The three of you win if the Lovers are the last players standing. Lovers get their own night chat, and both Lovers die when one dies.
  • The Renegade - Maple Street has been home to too many crooks. Who's to say these investigators aren't corrupt too? You win when all Investigators and Cultists are dead. If all killing roles are dead, you gain the ability to kill one player each night.

Signups are open for the next three days. I will start when we hit seven players or when three days have elapsed, whichever comes later (i.e, I'll start the game when at least 7 players are interested).
Current Signups (13)
  • Justabitjaded (they/them)
  • Antagonist (any)
  • Blonlordpheonix (he/him)
  • Bug (he/him)
  • Dementedkermit (he/him)
  • Tinny (she/her)
  • Sya (she/her)
  • E-bag (he/him)
  • Noiwillnot (she/her)
  • Yeah4578 (he/him)
  • J-rob (he-man/superman)
  • Chotano (she/her)
  • flopflopsalmon (he/him)
I want to play, I want to be Love Doctor, and I want to be lucky enough to choose one Investigator and one Cultist.
Also, remember to follow thread and let me know your pronouns if I copy them over wrong from Ant's thread.
Hell yeah, sign me up. Pronouns are any.
I'm in!
i want to play but make me a good guy or else
sign me up (he/him)
New roles might take me a min to learn, but I'm in!

She/her pronouns and tin/tinny please
Sign me up! She/her
I'm in. They/them.
Lemme in. He / Him.
I wanna play! she/her
I'll play. he/him
Oh god I don't have the brain power for this.

I'll eagerly spectate.
Why are there spaces in between some of the roles?
Is this Serbia?

Oh wait it's in New England. Some New Englander likes Serbia then to name that Belgrade Manor.
I mean I dig the 60s. Sure. Pronouns are He-man/Superman
Why are there spaces in between some of the roles?

To separate them
Spaces are to separate role types (i.e, first section of Investigator roles get information, second set protect, third set are utility).
So why aren’t those categories labeled as subheadings like I did for my game?
licky the way you did it was confusing
I'll join! She/her
licky the way you did it was confusing

Yeah. I didn't care for it.
I think it's up to the style of game being held. When I ran Opulence Mafia, the evil team had distinct roles from the good team (so you wouldn't get an evil Jailer or something like that). This game, there's a Traitor role for the evil side, so at maximum you'd have one good role acting as evil.

From Licky's game, the consequential/inconsequential divide may not have been necessary, but the neutral made sense to separate.
It got confusing for me lol
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