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bug, how does the seance work? does a fail require a majority vote, or can 1 cultist mess it all up?
1 perspn can mess it up, yes
dementedkermit, what is your role?

I would rather not say as not to put a target on my back, but I am an investigator.

My suspicion is bug because bug was the only one in the seance from the library room. or maybe it could be someone else idk
it seems like you are trying to reflect blame onto bug! tell us your role!
i have already revealed my role though why would it be me
there is also more than one cultist
I am talking to kermit
i know i was too
What happens now that we failed? We know at least one person of the group is a cultist, but who?
also does it make us lose overall since its the quest
i imagine we probably get another try so we dont softlock the game and let the cultists summon the terror thing
we can still win by arresting all of the cultists
yeah but its an instant loose for us if they summon the terror thing which we also dont know how thats going as well so like yeah
Hang on loosely
But don't let gooo 🎶
You will have a chance to retry the quest item tomorrow.
Putting this here for myself so I don't need to go make it again.

Church: Tinny (success), jaded (success), yeah (fail), dementedkermit (success)
Estate: Sya (success), JRob (fail-inaction), e-bag (fail-inaction), flopflopsalmon (success)
Morgue: bug (success)
Lighthouse: Anty (fail-inaction), noiwillnot (fail-inaction), blon (fail-inaction)

Currently claimed roles:

Antagonist (any) - Moonchild
Blonlordpheonix (he/him) - Lawyer
Bug (he/him) - Private Eye
Chotano (she/her) - Hippie
Dementedkermit (he/him)
E-bag (he/him) - Medium
flopflopsalmon (he/him) - Mystic
J-rob (he-man/superman)
Justabitjaded (they/them) - Tinker
Noiwillnot (she/her) - Musician
Sya (she/her)
Tinny (she/her)
Yeah4578 (he/him)

We know at least one of Sya, demented, jaded and bug is a cultist. Demented refuses to claim a role. We still don't have a role for Sya.

A Cultist claiming Tinker is a brilliant strategy to try to avoid being targeted and that's just the sort of thing that I can see jaded doing.

For tonight, if there is a protective role, they should protect e-bag or bug, since they have the most useful roles.
you might want to mark that we are also currently testing if chotano is hippie or drunk as my method i listed somewhere in this thread whilst defending myself says so as thats two possible alignments

also math, can the drunk do night actions that directly affect other people? the description you gave only seems to touch on if the drunk is told to be a information role
The Drunk gets any investigative role. They may attempt to perform night actions like the role they were given. If it's an information role, all the information they get will be incorrect. If it's a utility role (like Musician or Hippie), the Drunk will think they did something, but they will just perform a visit or do nothing at night.
alright so for night 5 i should be unaffected then

March 7th, 1960

Night 4
You collapse to the ground, exhausted. You don't even have the energy to bring yourself back to your hotel. What transpired in the town square still bugs you, but you don't have the mental capacity to deal with what you saw just now. You wonder if you'll ever have that mental capacity ever again.

A few hours earlier...

After the horrible news from after the ritual, you argued amongst yourselves about the terrible things that could have occured. First, a cultist was part of the library group, and now a cultist was a part of this seance? How could this be? The groups were completely different, and yet the same result occurred both times. You argued with the rest of the investigators for what seemed like forever, but you eventually realized that you hadn't eaten anything yet today, and you all went separate ways for dinner, afraid of being around someone that could potentially not be on your side.

As you walk into a diner downtown, you look around with weary eyes. If there were supposed to be signs of life, you couldn't see them anywhere. The tables looked pristine and the breakfast bar untouched. Hey, that just meant some more food for you to gnaw on while you think.

You take a few cold pancakes and a cup of ice cold coffee. Although the taste was less than ideal, it was something that could drive you for a few more minutes before fatigue set in and forced you aslumber again. You took out your notebook and started jotting down ideas, tracing back your steps, and creating a conspiracy web of arrows and circles, desperate to find connections between the people you've just recently met and the events that have transpired around you. But try as you might, it just seemed like not enough information was available to you. You sighed, realizing that the caffeine from the coffee was about to wear out. You stepped outside for one last walk to try and clear your mind. If only the mist would let you do that.

There must be something to learn from the past, you think to yourself. Maybe we could look around town for more information? Or maybe there was something we missed in the library? Try as you might to think of different solutions, you realized the fastest way to get information was to get it from the source. "We need to talk to the past. I need to create that ritual once more..."

Determined to seek the truth, you start hobbling back to town square. Whether you'll be alive by the time you make it, you don't know. But you have to try. It's the only way forward.

Those with night actions have 24 hours to DM me in your mafia DM. If you have been affected by a curse, you MUST send me a number between 1-3 tonight. Whoever sends the most populous number will die (i.e, if there are five cursed players and three of them send the number 1, those three will die). If you do not send a number (basically, if you forget to send a number a second time in a row), you will die automatically.

There are 24 hours left before the next Day Preparation phase.

Arrest Votes:
  • flopflopsalmon - 5 votes
  • Dementedkermit - 1 vote
No majority, so no arrest occurs today.

Alive Investigators (13):
  • Justabitjaded (they/them)
  • Antagonist (any)
  • Blonlordpheonix (he/him)
  • Bug (he/him)
  • Dementedkermit (he/him)
  • Tinny (she/her)
  • Sya (she/her)
  • E-bag (he/him)
  • Noiwillnot (she/her)
  • Yeah4578 (he/him)
  • J-rob (he-man/superman)
  • Chotano (she/her)
  • flopflopsalmon (he/him)

Dead Investigators (0):

Investigating the Deep Quest
1. Unlock the Library Door
2. Find 4 pieces of protection against The Nameless Mist.

3. Complete a Seance with the Dead
4. Seal away the Portal to the Outer Realms.
Removed post because I just missed the end of Day.
Don't know how many people follow me, but I'm using my ferry tell again for story flavor
GASP Mathy changed avatars?!?!? THIS makes HISTORY!

March 8th, 1960

Day 4, Doomsday
You wake to the sounds of gasping and frothing emanating from all corners of the town. You find yourself in the diner amidst a pile of paper, red pen scrawled all over everything. Wearily, you gather up your belongings and head back to the town square to see if you still have time left for another ritual. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for you.

Stepping into town square, you notice a myriad of bodies. With a heavy heart, you go over every person you've worked with the past few days. Jaded, who was adamant they were tinkering with a solution to their troubles, appeared singed and burnt near a park bench, as if something they were holding blew up in their face. Antagonist, who helped relay information through the library door, lay on the ground with their hands clutching their head as if an unrelenting din took over their mind. Blondlordpheonix, E-bag, Chotano, and J-rob appeared to have suffered the same fate, as you move across the square. Near the center, right where the runic circle used to be, you find Bug facedown in the dirt. His face was contorted beyond recognition, and next to him was a small bag of chalk, evidently used to try and create another circle for the next day. You sigh, realizing that 7 dead compatriots meant you ran out of time for your investigation. As you peer back to the library, you see your doom walking with assured steps.

Sya, once the town's Hired Goon, came walking up first with grenades in hand and an evil glare in her eyes. Kermit, a man of many faces, followed close behind with a manifest of information on everyone in the town. And finally, the worst of them all, Tinny pulled up the rear, large scepter in hand. Her maleficent scowl met your dead eyes, and you saw through your teary gaze her mutter a few words in a dialect unknown to you. As if on cue, you felt your grip on reality slip away in seconds. Right before your head came into contact with the road beneath you, you saw a large hooded figure rise from a summoning circle near the woods. In your final breaths, you wonder where everything went wrong...

Congratulations, Cultists. You have, in one way or another, wiped the town of its investigative force and allowed the unrestrained unleashment of Nyog' Sothep!

Alive Investigators (6):
  • Dementedkermit (he/him), the Actor
  • Tinny (she/her), the Doombringer
  • Sya (she/her), the Traitor Hired Goon
  • Noiwillnot (she/her), the Musician
  • Yeah4578 (he/him), the Hippie
  • flopflopsalmon (he/him), the Mystic

Dead Investigators (7):
  • Justabitjaded (they/them), the Tinker
  • Antagonist (any), the Moonchild
  • Blonlordpheonix (he/him), the Lawyer for Sya
  • Bug (he/him) the Private Eye
  • E-bag (he/him), the Medium
  • J-rob (he-man/superman), the Mortician
  • Chotano (she/her), the Drunk who thought she was a Hippie
Pastebin link for this game's logs:

Fun facts:
1. I did not intend for the library door code to mean anything, but 18-1-13 just so happened to correspond with the letters RAM, a way to open a very stuck door.
2. Tinny figured out J-rob was the Mortician by day 2, somehow
3. 4 players did not send in a number on Day 2 Investigation. Somehow, that ended up with the same ratio of failures than if everyone sent in a number and all three cultists cause someone else to fail.
4. flopflopsalmon, who was voted up on Day 3, was one of two investigators not hexed or cursed at the time.
5. On my profile picture change, the very bottom dirt line is morse code spelling Sya's name, which was supposed to be a clue for the next day to see if the investigators can get an arrest in.
6. 4 players chose the number 3 for the curse; e-bag did not choose any number in the last round.
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