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At this point, I'm just going to make my own Mafia thread.


Antagonist's Mafia Thread: Generally the same rules. There tends to be different names for the Civilians/Townies, but Mafia are generally the Traitors.

Do NOT create PMs with other people. At all. I will provide the Traitor PMs.


Imperial Machinations I (In Antagonist's Thread)
Night 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Winner: Imperial Court

Imperial Machinations II
Night 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Corpse Chat:

Imperial Machinations II

Months ago, cries rang from his late imperial majesty's bed. Now, there is a child emperor upon the Dragon Throne. He is weak and sickly; a succession crisis looms. Soon, there are rumors within the imperial court of a plot against the Emperor, yet it is unknown who is behind it.


Players will be divided into two teams: the Imperial Court (Town) and the Traitors (Mafia).
  • The Imperial Court wins when all of the Traitors have been executed.
  • The Traitors win when they are equal in number to the members of the Imperial Court.

The timeline is the same as before, 48-hour days and 24-hour nights. The Traitors may select someone to assassinate each night. The Court will gather each day to figure out who has committed treason and shall be executed.


  • Assigner (change the role of any target other than Emperor permanently; one-time use)
  • Candlemaker (protector role; can place candles in a person's room that die out quickly, thus preventing any visitor action)
  • Concubine (watcher role; sees anyone who visits their target)
  • Edict Forger (sends fake Imperial edicts anonymously to be read; can be used as much as wanted during the day)
  • Emperor (their vote counts as 2 votes rather than 1; the role is public; cannot be first kill)
  • Empress Dowager (mother of the Emperor; will be able to use a random role every night because they have the power to do so)
  • Guard (keep a person safe in their room at night and prevent them from leaving)
  • Imperial Tailor (hide an identification powder in a person's clothing to find where they go in the night)
  • Maid (martyr/harlot role; stays with people at night but will be sacrificed if a Traitor targets the person they go to, allowing the person to escape while the Maid dies; dies if the target is a Traitor )
  • Nosy Eunuch (peaks into a quarters of a person each night and obtains either their faction or their role)
  • Pastry Enthusiast (gives one person a tasty and exotic pastry at night)
  • Tea Maker (replaces a person's bedtime tea with wine instead, getting them disoriented, changing their possible target)
  • Warlord (can use the Imperial Army to prevent every night action once a game; cannot be blocked when they use the army; when having another role, they block all other players' roles while simultaneously performing their own night action. It can be either a member of the Imperial Court or a Traitor.)

  • Pauper (Beggar disguised as a member of the Court. Wins if alive at the end.)
  • Prime Minister (chooses a person on Night 0; wins if target doesn’t die)

IMPORTANT Notes: If the Emperor dies, then the Emperor's role is vacant because there is clearly no need to place someone on the throne to get them killed. If a method of death is not chosen, I will create one myself. A night message is optional, as is a daytime message. The Emperor cannot be a Traitor. If the Emperor uses she/her, I will refer to them as Empress Regnant instead.

A person with a neutral role cannot have any other role.

Multiple people can have the same role. Some may have two roles, one that has a game-changing action, another that is less so, like Pastry Enthusiast.

Current Signups
  • Antagonist (any)
  • noiwillnot (she)
  • dementedkermit (he)
  • TinmansGirl27 (she)
  • ちょたの_chotano (she)
  • blonlordpheonix (he)
  • flopflopsalmon (he)
  • 0blivion (they)
  • $4MU$ (he)
  • bug (any)
  • KyoMiyake (she)
  • BroncoBoy18 (he)

3 mafia threads?

At this rate we will need a mafia category soon
I could restart mine again and it will be 4 mwahaha
I did it so I wasn't taking over Anty's thread. Imperial Machinations was clearly gonna end up being my theme.
I'll sign up!
This time, because it's in the Ottoman Empire, you get to draw a new avatar. Instead of Eastern blon, it's Ottoman blon. Or turkish blon. You could do Topkapi Palace or somethingidk
I am glad you used the base of my avatar for your new one
Damn, I will never be able to keep track of this many.

Which makes me want in. Sign me up
Lol, you already signed up days ago.
You know actually I think I'd like to sign up too!
Woah clones!
sign me up mafia is fun
Count me in!!
Pronouns pls
W_Licky said:
Pronouns pls

he/him, sorry lol i thought you would copy it from the other mafia
also just curious when is this starting? are we waiting on the end of the 60's mafia game?
Likely. Seems like there's a line of people that want to host mafia games now. I think this one is slated to be next, and I would like to run a second round of 60's mafia as a second season-type deal, but that could be tabled depending on who's interested in hosting what.
yeah, i can see why we dont want to run multiple at once given how complicated some like 60's mafia are

also on an unrelated note i will be putting my alt on the next mafia to open signups because itll be funny to just have a straight up species of fish in one
sign me up

my pronouns are he/him/they/them
i will play aswell
Sign-ups will end tomorrow. I will begin tomorrow.

Would mathy like to play? J-rob will be off-limits for the first kill if he plays.

Edit: I'm switching back to China because I can't be bothered thinking up new stuff for the Ottomans.
My next week is a bit busy with running two other events IRL - a different game of Mafia and a murder mystery I've been slowly writing for the past few weeks.
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