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stripes hasnt talked to me in a week :(
W_Licky said:
When is a good time for you to start?
I don't want you to wait up for me, but I will be more available after next Sunday. You could always keep me on the list if you'd like I just may not be as active as previous games. I will probably still be able to play as long as this isn't as active as math's.
Ok then, it'll start tomorrow.
probably not
Sure kyo you’re in. If I could get just get one more person, we can have another classic nice three-mafia team.
Let's gooooooooooo.
I'll join then
Alright. Time to start a new Mafia log. Feel free to talk while I set things up.

Mafia Game: Imperial Machinations II

Bixia. Her Imperial Majesty, the Emperess Regnant, Emperor in Her Own Right, Huangdi, Son (Daughter?) of Heaven, KyoMiyake! Wansui, wansui, wanwansui! (Live ten thousand years 3.5x)

Please read everything in this post, especially if you are new. Thank you. No messages are allowed unless I make them.

Night 0
Night falls upon the Imperial Palace. May there be peace at dawn.

There will be 3 Traitors, as there are 13 players. The players are:
  • Antagonist (any)
  • BroncoBoy18 (he)
  • blonlordpheonix (he)
  • bug (any) Nosy Eunuch / Pastry Enthusiast / Imperial Court
  • dementedkermit (he)
  • flopflopsalmon (he) Guard / Imperial Court
  • KyoMiyake (she)
  • noiwillnot (she)
  • stripes (he)
  • TinmansGirl27 (she)
  • 0blivion (they)
  • $4MU$ (he) Prime Minister
  • ちょたの_chotano (she) Maid / Imperial Court


  • Assigner (change the role of any target other than Emperor permanently; one-time use)
  • Candlemaker (protector role; can place candles in a person's room that die out quickly, thus preventing any visitor action)
  • Concubine (watcher role; sees anyone who visits their target)
  • Edict Forger (sends fake Imperial edicts anonymously to be read; can be used as much as wanted during the day)
  • Emperor (their vote counts as 2 votes rather than 1; the role is public; cannot be first kill)
  • Empress Dowager (mother of the Emperor; will be able to use a random role every night because they have the power to do so)
  • Guard (keep a person safe in their room at night and prevent them from leaving)
  • Imperial Tailor (hide an identification powder in a person's clothing to find where they go in the night)
  • Maid (martyr/harlot role; stays with people at night but will be sacrificed if a Traitor targets the person they go to, allowing the person to escape while the Maid dies; dies if the target is a Traitor )
  • Nosy Eunuch (peaks into a quarters of a person each night and obtains either their faction or their role)
  • Pastry Enthusiast (gives one person a tasty and exotic pastry at night)
  • Tea Maker (replaces a person's bedtime tea with wine instead, getting them disoriented, changing their possible target)
  • Warlord (can use the Imperial Army to prevent every night action once a game; cannot be blocked when they use the army; when having another role, they block all other players' roles while simultaneously performing their own night action. It can be either a member of the Imperial Court or a Traitor.)

  • Pauper (Beggar disguised as a member of the Court. Wins if alive at the end.)
  • Prime Minister (chooses a person on Night 0; wins if target doesn’t die)

IMPORTANT Notes: If the Emperor dies, then the Emperor's role is vacant because there is clearly no need to place someone on the throne to get them killed. If a method of death is not chosen, I will create one myself. A night message is optional, as is a daytime message. The Emperor cannot be a Traitor. If the Emperor uses she/her, I will refer to them as Empress Regnant instead.

A person with a neutral role cannot have any other role.

Multiple people can have the same role. Some may have two roles, one that has a game-changing action, another that is less so, like Pastry Enthusiast.

The game will begin at night. The Traitors have 24 hours from the time of this message to send me their first kill. stripes is off limits for the first kill tonight, but is fair game afterwards. No one is allowed to talk during the night or via PMs, other than the Traitors. If I have not given you your role via PMs, please let me know right now. If you have a role that has an action to perform at night, I am not going to remind you, so make sure to pay attention and PM me at the correct time.

Good luck! Let's see if the Imperial Court wins again, or if the Traitors can finally overthrow the dynasty!
Day 1
The sun's rays spill over the smooth stone lions at the gates of the Imperial Palace. Soon, all members of the Imperial Court convene, kowtowing in the Throne Room and remaining in such position as they wait for the Empress Regnant.

Her Imperial Majesty, KyoMiyake, enters the room and sits upon her heavenly throne. Her mianguan's strings, decorated with jade beads, bounce in front of her eyes. She speaks. “Rise.”

As the court rises, they look around, looking for anyone who may be missing. With a sigh of relief, they find everyone present.

The meeting commences. A nearby advisor signals for someone to begin. One member prepares to greet Her Imperial Majesty, raising his long red, silk sleeves... until they fall. The bureaucrat suddenly collapses in a heap, and a nearby eunuchs rush to help. One checks for breathing, and is stunned. He rises and announces, "He has died!"

A nearby advisor checks who the victim is. It is flopflopsalmon. A toxin is soon found laced within the clothes, which likely was done by the secret assassin. Sewn into the victim's collar is a note:
From the Traitors:
You want the horns? You got 'em!

flopflopsalmon was the Guard. He was a member of the Imperial Court.

The Imperial Court has 48 hours from the time of this message to vote on who to execute. Please let me know if I have possibly missed the results of your night action.

12 players remain. There are a total of 13 votes, due to the Empress Regnant's additional vote, and 7 votes are required for a majority to execute. Please bold your votes so I can easily find it.
I received a churro. I fucking love churros.
I have absolutely no info to give
same as kermit
oops I forgot to do my night action. I'm pastry tho, so it must mean that there are two pastry enthusiasts cus I didn't give anty any churros lol
i am also a pastry enthusiast but i didnt do a night action either (i forgot) is this normal?
i should probably say im also pastry enthusiast but i didnt give out any churros
is everyone a pastry enthusiast?
This is the best game ever.
I'm very glad you like churros as much as I do.
bug said:
is everyone a pastry enthusiast?


Don't make assumptions.
everyone but mafia are pastry enthusiasts im calling it now
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