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So, what you do here is post something you know about the person above, i.e. the on who just posted.
It could be something you've ascertained just from their avatar, name or blurb or what you've gathered from serious conversation.
Making shit up is not ok, but some assumptions could be made, try to correct people who are wrong or just making it up.

I'll start.
^ does not exist, as I am the first.
^ Goes to a university.
^ Is home-schooled.
^ Is eighteen.
^ Is American.
^ Is NOT American

I forgot which Country! Sorry! :/
^ Is sorry.

No problem, it's New Zealand, I've forgotten what state you're in though.
^Is New Zealandinian.... Okay that doesn't sound right...
^ Is very young.

Yeah, we don't really have a word for that.
^ Is going to be an accountant.

Haha, you guys really should...
^ Is going to something to do with computers.

Yeah, I'll go down to Parliament and tell them, it's actually not that far away.
^ Is going down to Parliament.
^ Is going to watch a movie.
^Likes to post in the "Forum Games" main thread.
^ Is most perceptive.
^Is pretty awesome. Best death defying doctor I know.
^ Has an awesome "Tron"-based avatar.
^ Severely mentally corrupted
^ Is British
^ Is no longer a doctor
^ Is a tad confused as to my qualifications.
^ Thinks that i am confused.
^ Doesn't realise he's confused.
^ Is confused about the subject of my confusion with his doctorate and oath-taking >:(
^ Enjoys mental torture.
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