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^ is absolutely correct.
^ Is kind of scaring me.
^Is quite fun.
^ Is very fun.
^ Is making me smile.
^ Is smiling.
^ Probably never smiles.
^ Is still making up random stuff, despite it being disallowed in this forum.
^ Is quite the cynic.
^ Is not nearly cynical enough.
^ Enjoys watching mental torture.
^ Is extrapolating
^ Knows that I don't know what that means...
^ also doesn't know what hyperbole means.
^ Is wrong!
^ Has exceeded my expectations.

Well done Moonbloom.
^ SHOULD be proud of me! :)

^ Has a better vocabulary than I gave her credit for.
^ Still knows more words than me...
^ Will probably know more words than me at some point.
^ doesn't know that for certain...
^ Is very correct.
^ Is super nice
^ Is so sweet to everyone!
^ Is the best youngest TwoCanner ever.
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