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^ Is again very correct.
^ Makes me make this face ^_^
^ Has a cute emoticon.
^ Just used the word "cute."

Never thought that would happen.
^ Has clearly formed untrue opinions of me.
^ Is probably right.
^ Posted right before me!
^ Is mistaken, but still awesome.
^ Is neither mistaken nor awesome.

LOL, jk you're totally awesome.
^ Can have crude humor at times...
^ Doesn't like crude humor.
^Is correct, unless it's just a little thing.
Has a maroon and yellow room. If I read the bullshit thread correctly.
^ Doesn't use a little uppity arrow.
^ Cares about detail...

@ Pyro... my LIVING ROOM is maroon and yellow.
^ Should probably obey this thread's rules.
^ Is a rule follower...

Oh yeah... I'm supposed to be asleep...
^ should get to bed.
^Is probably right :(
^ Is someone who I say "Goodnight and sleep well," to.
^ likes tron.
^ Is male
^ has a name which defies all logic and grammar >:D
^ Likes emoticons.
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