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^ has noticed that i put an emoticon after every sentence apart from sentences where i am incredibly angry :D
^ Should limit emoticon usage.
^ does not know how addictive they are, and will be paying for my emoticon rehab xD
^ Does not know I'm totally broke.
^ Does not know that i am more broke.
^ Is probably not more broke.
^ Is probably right. Again. >:( xD
^ Is responding too fast!
^ Doesnt know that i can type the alphabet in 6 seconds D:
^ Is surprising.
^ Is making me smile xD
^ Has straight teeth and a cool smile.
^ Is awesome :D
^ Knows what he be layin' down.
^ Is a hipster :D
^ Speaks truth.
^ Knows the secrets of the mainstream
^ Swims in the main stream.
^ Doesnt know how good the water tastes when you drown in main-stream-ness
^ Doesn't know I almost drowned when I was little.
^ Doesnt know that i did the exact same, i fell into a hot tub when i couldnt swim.
^ Is pretty uncommon.
^ Knows not who I am..
^ Dared to point upwards at chickadee
^ Accuses me of pointing
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