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^Is too a good person
^Is too kind
^ is reasonably kind
^ Has a lot of posts
^Also does
^ has comparatively very few posts
^Sneak posts a lot
^is calling someone out
^is cool
^^^^^^is apparently stalking me, I don't know you...
^ Used to have a smiley face as their profile pic
^saw when I first joined
^Wants to be friends with the person who claimed their soul
^probably figured out I'm a pacifist by now
^Is a furry, as well as the person who claimed their soul
^is anti-furry
^Only a sith deals in absolutes
^didn't actually describe me
^Is a sith that deals only in absolutes
^Is attempting to confuse me but doesn't realize it's not working because of how broken my brain is
^Is probably procrastinating homework
^Is a broken file
^Is super smash bros
^Correct :3
^has no Idea what EXACTLY I am
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