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^Named after a color
/\ Also has a colour in their name.
/\ Delbeto
^3d möbius strip that isn't a klein bottle
/\ Used an umlaut.
^knows what it's called
/\ RISK player
^incorrect, I am a Risky game* player
seriously I've never played risk before
^Has not missed much
/\ Has changed their PFP again.
^ Has had the same PFP for the last year.
^has not had their same pfp
DIAV said:
/\ Delbeto

Hey, that's my line, and you capitalized the d.

^Was expecting me to say something else
^ Owns my soul
^one purple boi
^ I'm assuming commented on my dot, I can't see it
^ is assuming correctly
^Reddit orangered dot, I can't tell
^ May be red-orange colourblind
^I'm not, purple dot
^ Has been late for elf practice before
^ just made me laugh
^registered 2 years ago
^registered more recently
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