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^is correct (and you can check out my profile to know who that is and where she's from)
^ Has green dot
/\ Has a new av.
^ Correct
/\ Just "correct"ed me.
^ Is punny
/\ Observant.
^ uses periods
/\ Didn't recognize my full stop.
/\ Waited for the stop sign to turn green.
/\ Has the red dot.
^ uses a stupid type of arrow
⬆ Judgmental about arrows.
/\ Seeking an arrow of outrageous fortune.
^ is currently using /\ instead of ^
/\ Assumes that ^ is somehow the default.
^ assumes by page 1 of the thread that /\ is the default
^ and ^^ are making assumptions without solid evidence.
^ may or may not remember the c o m p r o m i s e
^mentions something I have not heard of probably
^is a hamtart
^Though correct, knows not of what they speak.
^hits 381 posts with the next one
/\ Still delbeto
/^\ remembers this
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