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/Λ\ Remembers this
Λ Knows how to type "Λ"
Λ Can copy and paste
/\ Has found me out.
Δ Can do this probably.
⍙ Is a wizard.
,lllll, Correct
^ can insert special characters
^ Actually wrong, I made it with a combination of subscripts, superscripts, and mostly lowercase L's

Tiny arrow lmao
Supplier to the micro cupid industry.
^ Has made me laugh
/\ Is a good audience.
^ Is a good performer
/\ Perennial opponent in gender war.
^ one as well
/\ Pixel artist
^ Also a pretty good artist
^Really good pixel artist
/\ Likes Zun characters.
^ Is somewhat telling the truth (The games are nice)
/\ Just embiggened their PFP character.
^ perfectly cromulent pfp
/\ Simpsons-aware.
^ probably not online rn
^ Has orange dot at the time of this post
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