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^ awaiting confirmation from ^^^

oh, wait...
^That was purposely misspelled
has purposely misspelled business^
^ did the format backward
sdrawrof tamrof eht did^
v pᴉp ʇɥǝ ɟoɹɯɐʇ ɟlᴉddǝp˙ qɐɔʞʍɐɹps¿
^is using wacky unicode
^ is uſing only aſcii characters
^Used only one s in their last "About ^" post
^did not join the weird unicode chain
^ joined the not-weird chain
^Is still using unicode characters as all characters are in fact unicode
^pedantic about Unicode
^ comments on unicode-related pedantry
^Is being corrected to pedantics not pendantry
/\is talking about jewelry fro some reason
^ no that's pendant, pedantry is the collective term for lower class, agricultural laborers.
^ is pedantic about pedantry
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