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^ cactus

< is testing it
^ reminded me of this quote
“Yes! This is the cactus everyone always wanted! The kind that would penetrate a man so hard that-actually there’s no way I could finish this sentence without making it sound awful.”
^ eats cake and bread
^ made a good DnB remix
^listens to jack dire
^ probably uses incognito mode + duckduckgo
^ knows what DuckDuckGo is.
^ capitalizes proper nouns
^incorrect about my web browser, i use google in a regular tab
however i do use incognito from time to time
^ should use duckduckgo and firefox (definitely not just saying that because I use them)
^doesnt use microsoft edge.

instead of using incognito tabs i use edge because no one would think to check me search history in such a horrible browser
^ disgusting

there is no excuse for using edge
^ dislikes edge
^ very correct
^ dot lord

ok something in there triggered the red dot
^ Dot thief! (Albeit, so am I...)
^ cool person
^ cooler person (OBJeCTIVE)
^ probably can’t think of 5 things that are cool about me
^ 1. your first dot
2. your second dot
3. your third dot
4. your fourth dot
5. your fifth dot
6. your sixth dot

i got the grey dot
^ really likes my dots for some reason
^ likes their dots because it has the same color scheme as their profile picture
^ is now wrong

^ five dots
^ child
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