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^older child
^ really fast @ replies
^ went back to their old PFP
^ Recently (today?) got a new pfp!
^ has a pfp that I can not stop looking at
^ makes good art for money
^ is actually wrong

I don’t have paypal or anyway to receive money from people that don’t live near me or go to my school.
^ Has good art, regardless.
^ is a good pixel artist
I’m not sure about normal art
^just changed their pfp
^ no longer has yellow dot
^ vampire teeth cat
speaking of art for money, im desperately trying to find ways to make some on fiverr hahaha
^ deadmau5 but scarier
^ banana boat
^ probably liked pokemon when they signed up
e-bag said:
^ deadmau5 but scarier

well that's a good interpretation
^ nope

never watched pokemon and never really understood it
^ dot streak demon
^ demon
^ correct
^ its quite obvious
^ no not really
^somewhat satanic
^ gy-real
^ also gy-real
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