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^ knows who or what gy-real is unlike me
^ is a bow-wheeeee
^ a buoi
^ knows that life is pain
^ professional of pain when relating to life and existence
^has a red dot in the corner of your pfp and a red dot
^ is slightly observant from what i can tell
^ Makes an observation.
^ has 996 posts
^ is one post away from being the name of a Popular Game
ok you reached it
^ is talking about a game I don’t know about
^ doesnt know the game 2048
^ probably gotten to 2048 before
^ is wrong i am not good at the game at all
^ is not a gamer.
^ Redacted important information in Banned.
^ is a hypocrite
^ didnt smirk in the banned thread
^ Ninja'd me.
^ probably got ninja’ed

edit: ninja’ed
^ ninjad me right before i ninjad the electronic bag
^ is confusing me
^ is somehow confused
^ is a weird strawberry
^ is jammin out's a carrot
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