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^ is a neon green mickey mouse
I know.
^ listening to tunes
^ wearin' some shades
^ wearing headphones

i am a generic fruit not a carrot
^ said something i already said
^ said "listening to tunes", i said wearing headphones
^ unaware of paraphrasing
^ has good pfp
^ is wrong about the gy-real being a mango
^ made me go put on my sunglasses that actually look a lot like my pfp
^ didnt let me call demented a mango
^ is unaware that my internet lagged an i posted right after demented
^ ironic
^ infrared oxygen nitrogen integrated circuit
^ has become a robot ninja
^is a talking banana that is kinda squished due to the head phones
^is in high school
^ uses houseparty
^met because of an inquiry about houseparty
^ tpol
^ tpol
^ tpol
^ has a message thread explaining tpol
^ wrong

its just a list of the members
^ made a very helpful list of members
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