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^ goes to school
^doesn't know I'm on spring break
^is not in school
^ is probably at school

just because you’re not at school right now dosent mean you don’t got to school
^ is correct
^ is incorrect about me being confused
^probably doesn't realize how long it's been since I've posted anywhere on TCaS
^ is a person I don’t even think about
^ mean
^ doesnt know the difference between being mean and being honest
^ doesnt know that they can both be the same thing in some cases
^ has a point
^ bill
^ lookin' pretty cool in those shades
^ oh stop it you're doing too much...
^ denies looking good in their shades, even though they do.
^ Has a delicious looking fruit in their profile picture.
^Has a very nice face in their profile picture.
^ currently has no face
^ Blake was their 69th follower
^ blake was not their 69th follower
^ followed by blake
^ is very cool because of sunglasses 😎
^ is wearing formal attire
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