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^ Looks naked.
^Doesn't know that ^^ just took his shirt off
^ doesn't realize that I'm a banana, and I don't wear clothes.
^doesn't realize a peel is a banana's clothes
^ Doesn't realize that a banana peel is actually my skin.
^ is peeling off his skin, which is somehow worse
^ still has skin?
^ is technically correct that they have a metal skin.
if ^ was made by apple, ^ would be an iBag
^has a good point
^ knows it
^ is a screaming pepper
^has received the poopie boi
^ is more of a pepper than me if anything
^ is bleeding from the eyes
^ is a poopie boi
^looking in a mirror
^is also poopie
^ is
^ is right
^ is a piss baby and a poopie boi
^ is mean
^ is correct for once
^ isn’t electronic baggage (I thought you were, somehow)
^ thought ^^ was me.
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