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Oh, did you lose again?
Curse you you slightly jaded humanoid!
As beef jerky in fact
Astera Jerky?
*hands said jerky*
*munches on the jerky* Yummy
Good, right?
Don’t gorge yourself, especially if you’re dealing with sharp people. There’s a reason this is even a thing.
I won't question it. With you there is always a good reason for what you say.
I mean, okay, I guess.
Astera Jerky is an item that cures bleeding and heals recoverable damage(about half of the damage one takes). It’s great against a certain hellfire supernova.
Yeah. You could die easily, even with 3000 defense. Not even exaggerating.
Fair enough. *Eats more*
I just told you not to gorge yourself...
Well, that’s fine. Not like you can hunt anyway, let alone the people you need that for.
You mean this? *Holds out bag of jerky* I trapped and killed this odd creature a while ago.
....that’s a lot smarter than what we do, most of the time. Most of the time we just up and try to kill the thing when we see it.
(What does it look like)
It was humanoid and glowy
We barely have humanoid monsters, let alone glowy ones.
That is so weird!
also, roleplay arena is a thing...
I confuse.
I end page
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