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I’ll start then.
I’ll continue.
Then I’ll keep the chain going, too.
I'm not averse to following on.
nor am I
Do I have to?
Must any of us really do anything?
I think breathing is pretty much essential.
Breathing is perhaps necessary in order to survive, but I'd contend there's nothing intrinsically necessary about it.
As well as eating, drinking (normal liquid), and sleeping.
No idea why sleeping is a necessary thing, but it is.
Breathing is needed for things that the body would otherwise not get.
I confuse.
You can(not)just say "Meh" to everything.
May I refer you to your own comment re breathing.
You may.
i win.

we're done here.
No. No you're not.
So, how’s the weather?
I mean, kinda sucks with the bitterly cold weather and extreme wind chill, but it's fine.
Mostly. Mostly fine.
Yeah. Everything is fine.

I’ve just got lots of snow right coming down right now.
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