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Compared to everyone else, I know diddly-kumquat about punnery.

Maybe with collective persimmon, we could change the topic again.
It would ap-pear that we might stick to fruits for a while. Or maybe I could plant the seed of an idea to switch it to gardening-themed in general?
Discussing gardening helps promote a hearty culture.
By all means lettuce continue then.
Oh kale try something.
uno moss
I'm lichen it.
You had me at aloe.
Vera funny.
i hadn't plant on joining this thread, but i fig-ure i might as well give it a shot. i don't know if i can of-fern anything clever in the way of puns, but maybe someday i'll vine-d up on the root to poppy-larity. also i win.
a few-schia of the puns might've been a bit of a stretch, but iv'e-y made worse ones before.
Some of them were downright dirty. But I'm sure you can weed out the good ones. Or at dew some new ones so we can leaf the forced ones alone. We can get to the root of this issue, I assure you!
I'm foli(age) aware of the problem at hand. but i'm on the verdure of something sup-herb. nothing to cellu-lose, am i right? oh god what happened to me
You’re branching out into new territory, fir sure. But if yew ash me, some of trees puns seem a little forest.
Or we could head down to the beech instead?
That would certainly spruce things up.
Fircone A!
Real thing here: I was thinking about starting a forum jeopardy, but I don't know if that already exists. Anyone know?
Kebab said:

As in Jeopardy! jeopardy? Nothing like that within the last three years, so you're probably safe to make it even if it turns out to be a duplicate.

Though you'll have to use an honor system to trust that people don't look up the answer.
true. Ok, i'm doing it.
Quite the interesting video
I second that second
Thanks? For the page, I guess...
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