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Can you believe it guys? Christmas, just a week away. Christmas is in a week! Woohoo! I am so happy about this information. Christmas! Just a week away, oh wow. Can you believe it? Christmas! Just in a week! It got here so fast! Christmas! Just a week away!

hello the hoylecake
hi nordict

remember to not quote an entire post if it is the one immediately preceding yours

wowza! quotes are evil magic
hello all!

anyways, did the dots disappear? haven't seen them in a while

carbon boride argon
The dots are gone.
No more dots.
No more heroes.
No more Fortnite. No more card.
No more gamers. They have all died.
Oh that went down a dark path.
rip the dots

Around 10 years ago SatelliteMind was the last post on a duplicate of this thread. Ledgen-dairy, don't think I haven't noticed the absence of $100,000,000,000,000 in their bank account.
Digging around inside the REALLY old posts is fun.
Give me a second, let me go ask Sammich if this is true.
Nah those moneys were given to me
I lost the game.
Me too. Screw you, I was on a perfect streak!
I lost the game as well, for the second time in a week because there was a question that was just "I have lost the game"
I also lost. But now I'm winning.
And now you're not.
Spaceship beep boop.
Who will win this time?
Not you.
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