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What is the question?
how do fat people run?
Is it there will to eat or to live?
How come we can't fix the whole their v. there v. they're fiasco?
what did you just say?
I was critiquing your English skill. Did you not get it?
Why you ninja me boi?
I can't stand when people can't spell or use words properly. They call that a grammar nazi, yes?
do they?
I don't know, I was asking you?
Did you really tho?
I may have?
R U positive?
R U positive?
but you are tho, aren't you?
Are we, really?
Are you a fellow THOT DESTROYER?
We need one
are you up for the official title?
Of course, are YOU up for it too?
of course I am

what's my first mission?
Can you exterminate all thots on campus?
Wasnt that the death day guy's job? geez, what do we pay him for?
Can this meme just die already?
Edit: ninja'd
This is no meme, this is real. Are you a meme?
Isnt everything one big meme?
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