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Granted; turns out they are both actually guys.

I wish I could walk through walls.
Granted, but you then realize that your new ability also applies to the ground and you fall to the center of the earth where the pressure of the earth and the heat obliterate you.

I wish that nothing bad will ever happen to me again.
Granted, you're dead.

I wish for world peace.
Granted, mankind is extinct.

I wish you were here.
Granted, but I am Achmed the dead terrorist. Silence, I keel you.
... I wish this wish wouldnt be corrupted
Granted. You have nothing, and have just wasted your only wish.

I wish to never need for money because I will always have enough.
Granted, you're beaten up and mugged each day because you always have money.

I wish I could talk to trees.
Granted. But the trees cannot talk back.

I wish to be able to fly.
Granted, but you can't walk or sleep.

I wish I didn't have to do those chemistry assignments.
Granted, you fail the tests, though.

I wish to be a smiley face.
Granted, but you don't have a heart so you don't feel anything, you just smile all day long because that's all you can do.

I wish I hadn't taken the bus home.
Granted, but now you are walking in bad weather.

I wish my head would explode over and over again, splattering my brain all over the place.
Granted, but it explodes near a baby, and harms him.

I wish I could run super fast.
Granted. You run into a wall and die.

I wish the world and I were all happy and living.
Granted, but the rest of the universe hates you for being so peppy, and shortly after blows up the planet. Nice going.

I wish that had a working sonic screwdriver.
Granted, but a mad person takes it and thrusts it through your head.

I wish I had a mind that wasn't evil.
Granted, but now you are a goody two shoes

I wish I had an awesome wish...
Granted, but it horribly backfires in a horrific way.

I wish I had some nachos.
Granted, but there's mouse poop in them.

I wish it was morning so I could go sledding already.
Granted, but there is no snow to sled.

I wish I would have no school tomorrow.
Granted, but for every day you take off, you have an extra make-up week in the summer.

I wish I had a photographic memory.
granted but your mind gets full of things and you explode!
i wish i had a kit
Granted, but you have the wrong kit.

I wish i had a bass tracker (boat).
Granted, and I will even throw in some duct tape to cover the holes in the bottom.

I wish i could meet the creator of the asdfjklsemicolon website and this one.
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