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Granted, it was under your sink, or in your basement. You bought it 10 years ago. You HAD rat poison. :)

I wish I knew exactly what to say at the moment I need it.
Granted, you always react with "Who shidded?" because it's something to say

I wish I never needed to expel waste
Granted, this means you can't eat anything.

I wish I had a body for my ghostly form to reside in.
Granted. It is completely decayed and three feet tall

I wish I found a lizard person in the woods at midnight (since it never got granted the first time)
Granted. It eats you.

I wish you would not grant this wish!
Granted, but I do anyway.

I wish for BadDragon collectibles
Granted but they fuse to your body when you touch them

I wish I could read the mind of bugs
Granted. You are swallowed by the hive mind.

I wish for a set of mail-backed gloves.
Granted, but you have to explain to your family why you duct taped your bills to your hands.

I wish I had a throwing chair
you get it the hard way. it is thrown at you

i wish for a goatorade
Granted but its the flavor you hate the most

I wish for a trillion dollars
Granted, but it's in the form of gold chainmail armor, something only enthusiasts would be interested in, and it's too expensive for any collectors.

I wish for someone to slip on a banana peel
Granted. You now learn that banana peels are not slippery.

I wish for a jetpack.
Granted, but the universe eats itself.

i wish for capitalization in this sentence.
Stephven said:

I wish I could change the coding of life
Granted. Your first tweak annihilates the human race.

I wish for a pair of headphones that don't break.
Granted, but they never worked in the first place

I wish I knew C++
Granted, but all technology you touch fries.

I wish I had a /live/ umbreon in its healthiest state to be my loyal pet and guard dog
Granted; it dies of loneliness, for it is the only live Umbreon on the planet.

I wish for Obsidian to be allowed to make another Fallout game.
Granted, but the fallout ends and society rebuilds itself, making the game pointless.

I wish one of my threads was going to become one of the most popular.
Granted, but mods lock it.

I wish I was better prepared for the science fair
Granted, but your project sucks.
I wish I was better at tetris.
Granted, but you lose every other game than Tetris.

I wish that you wouldn't corrupt this wish.

I wish you would corrupt this wish.
granted, but it's boring

i wish for nuclear warfare
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