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granted but it breaks after you use it

i wish for good grades
Granted, but you have to hack the school

I wish I could bypass the block system
granted, but you get arrested.

I wish for a lawyer good enough to successfully sue the united nations.
Granted, but they go to war with your country.

I wish I had a life.
Granted, you are now a prostitute, male or female, regardless

I wish I could play Fire Emblem on my real GBA
Granted, but the screen is 1 pixel by 1 pixel

I wish this forum would stop.
Granted, but it starts again shortly.

I wish for $100.
Granted, but you lose it.

I wish I was confident enough to write.
Granted, but you still suck at it.

I wish I claimed and kept all of everyone's souls
Granted, but you get banned from the forums and all the souls you had are up for grabs.

I wish for a pie.
Granted, it's pie flavor.

I wish for infinite non-corruptable wishes.
Granted, but the you are killed by an assassin from the People's Republic of Wishes.

I wish for a knife.
Granted; it spawns in your brain, giving you misery for the rest of your life, but not killing you.

I wish for delicious hot waffles on a plate.
Granted, but they will forever be so hot they are inedible

I wish that you (^) were my friend.
Granted, but you get in a huge fight afterwards and become enemies

I wish I get the math concepts better so I won't get C's
Granted, you get D's for sloppy work.

I wish that no one could ever dab again.
Granted, but I am no person. I dab on the haters 😎

I wish I was omnipresent
Granted. You are now aware of every atrocity man commits on a daily basis, and it drives you insane.

I wish for a Mojave Red beer.
Granted, but it's the last one ever.

I wish for my computer to start working again.
Granted, it can turn on

I wish I had $1.50
Granted, but at the same time prices rapidly inflate and you now basically have a penny.

I wish for an axolotl.
Granted, but its dead

I wish for knowledge
Granted. Knowledge of everything unimportant.

I wish for real estate.
Granted, you get a real mcdonalds toy

I wish I had a tacocat
Granted, no tacocat, but tacocat

I wish for Fire Emblem
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