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Granted, but you’re the dog.

I wish I do well on all my finals
Granted, you do well but you get a D-

I wish that I had more courage.
Granted, but you're only courageous in one type of situation.

I wish I were cool.
Granted, for Fornite videos

I wish Fortnite would die already
Granted, but a different game takes its place and becomes even more popular.

I wish I wasn't grounded right now.
Granted, you die of electrical overload ;)

I wish I had a copy of the Superstar Saga remake and a 3DS
Granted. The 3DS is stolen and the game is a bootleg.

I wish seasonal affective disorder wasn't a thing.
Granted but there's a similar disorder to replace it that's relative to the time of day instead of the time of year

I wish christmas would come faster so I can get gifts
Granted, but the accelerated time makes your gifts break faster.

I wish I could actually draw things well.
Granted, but you're the only one that likes your art.

I wish people saw me as more than smart.
Granted, they do see you as more than smart, they see you as an enemy as well!

I wish for a toothpick
Granted, it's secondhand

I wish for a decent movie editor
Granted, but they secretly hate you and sabotage your movie.

I wish I was better at playing instruments.
Granted, but only stupid instruments like the melodica or the otamatone

I wish that links were shorter so I wouldn’t have to paste this huge giant thing every time I want to link something.
Granted, but now they need a special procedure to work because they are too short

I wish that I had an omatone because I don't think it's stupid
granted, it's instruction manual is in japanese.
I wish that I could understand Japanese.
Granted, but you now don't understand any language but that one.

I wish I could understand females, while staying the same gender and not being gay at the same time.
granted, but since I don't know your gender it doesn't work.

I wis that I spelled "wish" correctly
Granted. The new spelling is "wishh".

I wishh for a glass of lactose-free egg nog.
Granted, it’s a raw egg with nutmeg in it.

I wish I hadn’t forgotten my pajamas.
Granted but you forget everything else instead.

I wishh for a puppy
Granted. It eats your power cables, your slippers, and a steak knife.

I wish for Happy Holidays.
Granted, but you have to move all your stuff during it to another house.

I wish that life weren't so confusing
Oof, damn. That one hit close to home.

Granted. You are granted insight into the inner workings of the universe, which drives you irrevocably insane.

I wish for some cheesecake.
Granted, but a bomb was somehow baked into it and it explodes right when you begin to slice it

I wish for a Nintendo Switch
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