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Granted you get a Nintendo brand whipping stick.

I wish for jerky.
Granted. You are granted insight into the inner workings of the universe, which drives you irrevocably insane.
you can't make someone insane who is already insane.

Granted, but its human jerky.

I wish I had the most advanced phone ever, without any costs, or energy needed to use it.
Granted. Your friends think you're a showoff and leave you.

I wish my grades were good without becoming obsessed with school.
Granted, but you have to do something much worse

I wish that the older songs were popular rather than the sheit everyone else listens to.
Granted but they are from 10000 bc

I wish I had infinite wisdom.
Granted, but you must leave Earth forever to fulfill your new duty of guarding the cosmos from forces that can crush Galactus like a grape

I wish for a Nintendo Gamecube and a copy of Smash Melee
Granted, Melee is dead now because of you (thank God, because I dislike Melee, personally)

I wish I could take the spray paint legally
Granted, but the paint is 20 years old.

I wish someone else would pack up my Christmas decorations.
Granted, an anonymous hobo packs up all of your Christmas decorations as you sleep, and takes them to turn a profit in some behind-Walmart-esque shady dealing... >.>

I wish I had this pile of paperwork (due Friday) on my desk processed correctly and given back for invoicing...
Granted but it only doubles your workload when you get an even more grueling task.

I wish I had golf clubs so I could beat my neighbor over the head for blasting mumble wrap all day.
Granted, but you later get charged for murder because of you beating your neighbor

I wish for the ability to raise things from the dead.
Granted, but they kill you after you raise them.

I wish I had a fully restored 1969 plymouth baracuda that I can drive
Granted, but some bastard filled it up with rotting barracuda carcasses.

I wish to learn a new instrument in a short amount of time.
Granted you now know what a bassoon is. How do you play it? You still have no clue, but hey at least you know what it is now.

I wish I knew how to play the bassoon.
Granted, but its all broken and it would cost a million bucks to fix it.

I wish that I could be smarter in all subjects except for the disturbing ones (based upon civilized norms)
Granted, but your brain melts from all the knowledge you learn.

I wish I didn't have this nasty sunburn.
granted you have a painful sunburn

i wish for more wishes
Granted they are corrupted.

I wish for infinite wisdom.
Granted, but at the cost of your constitution. Even the mildest bug makes you horribly sick.

I wish for a one-night stand.
Granted, you get one nightstand.

I wish a plumber would come to my house and fix the toilets, showers, and sinks, which all broke this evening (probably bc of me)
Granted, they're fixed with paper-maché and wads of chewed bubblegum. They break immediately after they leave

I wish for a cup of coffee.
Granted, it’s whole beans. There is no coffee grinder around.

I wish for a ~boyfriend~
Granted. He wants to be just friends.

I wish my girlfriend would tell me what's wrong.
Granted. She wants you to stop being on tcas and pay more attention to her.

I wish for the Cowboys to win tonight’s game.
Granted, but their coach gets fired right afterwards and all the star players get injured.

I wish that I had a free lifetime supply of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao bars
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