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Granted, it's poisonous.

I wish for my next wish to be fortified.
Granted. However, the site crashes every time you attempt to go to Corrupt a Wish.

I wish for the best internet in the world, for free, and with no harm done to any one or thing.
Granted, free trial for 3 days, after that, 3 billion dollars a month.

I wish for an all powerful donut
Granted. It gets stolen by a God soon after.

I wish for a fancy, unbroken pencil.
Granted. It's out of lead.

I wish for canned bananas.
Granted, they taste horrible. You get sick the next day.

I wish I could type perfectly and speedily.
Granted, your keyboards all break and you can't buy any more.

I wish that I could get a good wish.
Granted. It's just presented in a way that looks bad.

I wish for immortality, with a willful kill switch. (As in, a kill switch no one can activate but me.)
Granted, the kill switch breaks.

I wish for my next wish to not be corrupted.
Granted but it's tainted with an unwashable stain

I wish for socks that never disappear
Granted, they look horrible.

I wish that this wish was not tainted with an unwashable stain and that I could have a better computer.
(remember, this wish isn't corruptible!)
Granted. The computer looks like it has dried vomit on it. Cosmetics only, though.

I wish for the ability to save whoever I want, at no cost to myself or others.
Granted, you're Darth Plaugeis

I wish to have Darth Plaugeis's powers and be able to save myself.
Granted, but no one knows you exist or acknowledges your presence anymore. Anyone related to you thinks you’re dead.

I wish for being able to function without sleep.
granted, but now you always function as if you are half-dead

I wish that my parents wouldn't blame every little mistake that I make on video games
Granted, they blame every mistake you make on you instead.

I wish for the pinnacle of health, and a not shortened life.
Granted, but you will have a regular length life with completely average health. Also did I mention that you won't have any feelings either?

I wish that I had infinite money for as long as I live
Granted, but you die due to an unfortunate accident with no chance to write a will or talk about what happens after death. Therefore, your least favorite family/friend gets all the money.

I wish that didn’t happen.
granted, except it does happen just with a one second delay from when it would happen otherwise

I wish that i remembered to make a wish
Please, make a wish.
Granted. I have Thedagman's wish right here, just give me a sec.

While you guys wait for his wish to load, I'm going to wish for an electric bass guitar.
Granted, it's broken.
I wish for more time to be on this site.
Granted. You have to give up your favorite after-school activity, however.

I wish for not-school.
Granted, no company will hire you, because you are so dumb.
(Just saying, I don't have any good after-school activities, so that's a fortification, actually.)
I wish for EVEN MOAR time to be on this site.
Granted. You spend so much time that you isolate yourself from the rest of society.

I wish for knowledge and power. For free, with no further cost.
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