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granted, but that involves you avtually going to school causing you to catch the rona

i wish i had my notes for the class i missed on friday
Granted, but the file’s corrupted and has a virus ready to kill your device at 5:59am if you open it.

I wish school wasn’t the thing to complain about nowadays, by making it no longer a problem.
grated, but everyone complains about literally everything else

i wish i do well on the test im about to take
Granted, you cheat

I wish I didn't have so much homework
Granted, the school days are 10 times longer

I wish that I could have a music studio with all the equipment I want without a single issue.
Granted, it gets struck by lightning while you're recording

I wish for a Korg Electribe EMX-1
wtf is that
granted but the knowledge is overwhelming

i wish for a raise
granted, but it's by one penny

i wish my homework would do itself and be perfect every time
granted, but it's by one penny

i wish my homework would do itself and be perfect every time
Granted. It's always overdue.

I wish for a nice pair of socks without holes
Granted. You get some socks, soft and cozy, with the hole you're supposed to put you feet in sewn shut.
All of your scissors happen to break whenever you try to cut the seams.

I wish that the caffeine from my coffee wears off before bedtime.
Granted, but you feel like you've had ten drinks when you wake up

I wish I could write a perfect paper of any length any time
Granted but this becomes your full-time job and you never have time to do anything else.

I wish I had more self-control
Granted, the homework is too overwhelming even for the most intelligent and organized person

I wish my homework wasn't so overwhelming
(how did you know it was about homework lmao)
Granted, it's all busywork

I wish I had some SweeTarts
Granted, they're cheap knockoff versions (idk, I guess it's because I'm buried in it too)

I wish the coronavirus vaccine was released already
granted but that's because it's poorly tested

I wish that i could completely forget games so i can play them blind again
Granted, you lose your eyesight so you can play them fully blind.

I wish my school wasn't going so slowly.
granted, but now the entire school starts literally moving at about 500 miles per second, killing everyone inside of it

i wish i didn't forget my ID at my house this morning so i could buy lunch
Granted, but it gets stolen before you can use it

I wish I didn't get up at 3 am
granted, you get up at 3:01 AM

i wish my english teacher didn't focus so much on poetry
Your wish is now granted, do not worry evermore,
For now your class finds remedy.
Too bad everyone speaks in a manner that you abhor,
At least there is some serenity.

I wish that muscle cramps didn't hurt as much.
granted, but now you have period cramps

i wish that most of the guys in my grade werent assholes
granted, now all the girls are assholes

i wish state not on fire :(
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