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Granted, rest of country on fire.

I wish I could move back to where I lived before I moved to where I am now.
Granted. You end up in your mom’s womb, at your current size, and burst her because of that.

I wish things weren’t so scary.
granted, they're just really sad now

i wish cascadia would secede from the US
Granted, it becomes a fascist nation-state and starts a war with the rest of the US.

I wish I wasn't so forgetful.
granted, wait what was your wish?

i wish i was buff
Granted, you're literally a bull in a china shop

I wish I had inspiration
granted, you're inspired to do horrible things

i wish i could do more pushups
Granted. Not only do you not do them properly, but all other physical tests(Pacer, sit-up test, etc) take a nosedive.

I wish I could change how school works.
granted, you change it for the worse

i wish i had a place to do pullups
granted, that place brakes after one pull up

I wish i had a bench press
Granted, you have a park bench and a metal press.

I wish that I could be friends with a dragon.
Granted, it steps on you and it’s huge

I wish this site was more active
granted, but because of that it fills with toxicity and blake takes it down

i wish that i had pizza
granted, but its pineapple pizza
granted, your wish of nothing has come true, nothing exists anymore, you've doomed us all

i wish you'd fully participate
Granted, he/she doesn’t allow you to corrupt his/her wishes

I wish for some salmon that isn’t spoiled and is cooked by the finest chef that also didn’t poison the meal
Granted. It's served as a garnish on a pineapple pizza.

I wish Sweden were, like, twice as big (in surface area.)

edit: holy crap i just noticed dag posted about pineapple pizza
Granted, everyone makes fun of it and Norway because of you

I wish Sweden and Norway didn't look like a two headed cock
Granted, but your dirty mind thinks of inappropriate shapes for all the other countries instead.

I wish I had a pet unicorn.
Granted, it stabs you with its horn, killing you instantly.

I wish this text wasn't hidden
Granted, that half-wish haunts you for the rest of your life.

I wish there were less 12 year olds on TCAS
granted, but that's just because less people visit the site in general, leading it to be taken down

i wish i could do 100 pushups in one sitting
Granted, you get so buff that your veins are sticking ½ an inch out of your skin. You get a paper cut and die.

I wish that the Alises V25 was in stock at the music shop I go to
granted, but it's a defect

i wish for my wish to be corrupted
Now all your wishes are brutally corrupted. Even the ones you barely admit to yourself that you’d like.

I wish people would know what sexuality they are right from school age.
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