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Granted, nothing exists anymore.

I wish for an egg salad sandwich (It's becoming a struggle to wish for eggs)
Granted, somebody parked their car on it

I wish that Probot will give up with the eggs as he's running out
Granted, ProBot (the real discord bot) gave up eggs.

I wish for Eggman to finally be defeated.
Granted, MegaMan defeats him and gain his ability, Egg Launcher and uses it against you

I wish we can get a good megaman game nowadays
Granted, you get Mighty No. 10 (developed in conjunction with Capcom, so it's... sort of a Mega Man game). It's surprisingly good, but the failure of its predecessor gives it little hope for success. What a shame.

I wish for 2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, three number 7s, two number 45s, and a large soda.
Granted, but you have to follow the dann train

I wish emojis didnt exist
granted, your phone now has multiple viruses.
I wish for my homework to be done
Granted, I did it for you. Now, I can't read, so there might be a few of them wrong.

I wish for barbecue chips.
Granted, I burned some tortilla chips on the barbecue so here you go

I wish that Komi wasn't so darn lovable
Granted, that Komi is now a hostile creature who identifies as an attack helicopter.
I wish for a sprite.
Granted, you're given a video game character's texture

I wish for the ability to make two contradictory things true.
Granted, you bring back your mom through Alchemy, however in doing soul, your brother lost his body, you lost a leg, and your mother is not even human, in order to save your brother you sacrifice your arm to bind his soul to armor that was sitting in the corner

I wish for egg
Granted, egg want to kill you.

I wish for a sprite (the drink)
Granted, you get an image of a beverage in a video game.

I wish I didn't forget to put a wish here at first.
Granted, you get ninja'd though
I wish for Shrek 5
Granted, you will never get to watch it.
I wish for noodles
You receive noodles. They keep appearing. You can't stop them. Eventually, you drown in noodles.

I wish that when I edited a post, history changes so that it is as if I had originally made the post with the edit included.
Granted, everytime you re-write reality, you shatter it, eventually, it breaks and resets, bringing out the JJBA timeline

I wish that I was able to run MP4's on my dsi
Granted, the audio quality is so grainy that every time you listen to an MP3 on it, you have a seizure.

I wish I could create my own planet with living lifeforms that I could control just by thinking.
Granted, they revolt against you, you can't stop it cause its you, you wanted this

I wish my class made decent food
Granted, prepare to taste the (theoretical) best wet dog food ever! It's got plenty of liver.

I wish that I was colder.
Granted, the food is incredible but they charge you such an exorbitant amount that you'd never be able to buy any. Now you have no food.

I wish I was able to learn new skills at a faster pace.

Edit: Barely missed it
Granted, but you're only good enough at it to be painfully average at it.

I wish for one more hour of free time.
Granted, but Made in Heaven activates when that hour starts, making that hour go by in a second

I wish that I could get some sleep
Granted, you get some funky powder named "Sliep" and a bunch of other Chinese symbols slapped on it. There's an offbrand for everything these days.

I wish for a fancy sandwich.
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