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Granted, but there a bunch of Chinese symbols also, can't get rid of them

I wish to know Japanese before November 28th
You are now well acquainted with a person named "Japanese."

I wish I had a BBQ sandwich right about now.
Granted, I burned another thing on the barbecue, enjoy!

I wish that twitter didn't cancel everything
Granted, they instead cancel "EVERYTHING."

I wish for no more deez nuts jokes
Granted, however as it is the one thing that bounds her soul to this site, dumbkeara leaves

I wish that I knew the japanese language and can understand it
Granted. You know the language the criminal drug lords are speaking is Japanese, and you understand that you're about to get shot to set an example.

I wish for food.
Granted. You are given your father's balls, perfectly cooked.

I wish for a good idea for a wish.
Granted, you now know too many and can't use a single one.

I wish for more storage on my ipad
Granted! Your Ipad has magically been turned into a dresser. Now you have lots of room to store things!

I wish that my pillows were cool at night.
Granted, Its cold enough to become world 5 from Kirby 64

I wish I had my stuff for my current class
Granted, you just aren't there.
I wish for the audio quality to be better.
Granted, but video quality drops drastically

I wish that we had clean air
Granted, but your water's more lead than water

I wish for the ability to modify the flow of time in any way
Granted, but a teenager with a punchy ghost is after you and you can't run from them as they are tracking you down

I wish more people will appreciate this song
maybe I can't run from them, but I can send them to the far future

Granted. Everyone starts loving it so much that they play it everywhere, to the point that it gets so painful to listen to for you that you can't go out for fear of hearing it.

I wish that everyone passed as their gender, regardless of how they actually appeared.
Granted, now there is mass chaos on facebook from the boomers not liking it

I wish LBGTQ+ would be more accepted than it is now
Granted, but you still get turned down the same amount
You get , but I took it, since you didn't wish for it anyway.

I wish for a purple colored balloon.
Granted, but now your colorblind.
I wish for my glasses to not break again.
Granted. The indestructible material forbids it from having any part of it adjusted.

I wish I was better at managing time.
Granted. You are Manager of the Week for Time Magazine. Actually, that might be a good thing.
I wish my IQ was a little higher.
Your IQ increases by 0.0000000000000000001. There is effectively no difference.
I wish my IQ was increased by several million points (I'm curious what that would actually be like, now that I think of it)
Granted, zero time anything equals zero

I wish I wasn't in class
Granted, you're in the ground because you're dead.

I wish people wouldn't misinterpret my wishes.
Granted, you leave the thread.

I wish for a good score on the test I'm going to take right now.
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