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Granted; it's too good so you're suspected of cheating. You end up having to deal with more in order to prove that you did well than you would've had to if you had just gotten a low score.

Let's try that wish from before, but re-worded: I wish that my IQ was set to five million.
Granted your IQ is 93, but you get a piece of paper saying its five million

I wish for a good gift for my birthday
Granted, its really small though
I wish for no more cringy movies
Granted. There are no more movies. But we have Baseketball. That one's alright.

I wish someone would make a D&D joke about the Wish spell in this thread.
Granted. You attempt to cast Wish to give you more wishes. You get more wishes, but it backfires and you take 90 necrotic damage, your Strength drops to 3 for 8 days, and can no longer cast the Wish spell ever again. At least the DM let you have more wish spells you can't use.

I wish for a fireball spell scroll.
Granted. However, when you used it, this was targeted against yourself. Should've read the fine print. To avoid the attack, you needed to throw a Wisdom saving throw, and despite your very high wisdom stat, you failed to block the attack and it instantly kills you. You have died.
idk I don't play D&D

I wish I had an infinite pizza slice.
Granted, in order to get it however, you must battle in Globnar!!!

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Granted, but you’re not sure what effect the wish has. It may be good or bad, who knows?

I wish for more time to watch The Office since I’m like 5 years late to this show.
Granted. You quit your job/school to watch The Office.

I wish my ex would stop nagging me.
Granted. One day, tries to warn you about some vague immediate yet avoidable danger. The warnings are ruled to be nagging, and you perish.

I wish I never fell behind in work.
granted. instead, you get put into a position too high you can't handle! congratulations!

i wish... i wish... what was i going to wish again?
granted, you remember you wished for eternal torture

I wish I had a ps5
granted its broken

i wish for a chicken tender
but also a golden nugget

so i guess what i really want is a golden tender
granted, it isn't even edible

i wish my ELA teacher will be less annoying
granted, she becomes the toughest grader you've ever had

I wish my essay was completed and the work is not plagiarized, not overdue, and it's written well enough to get a 95.
Granted. You have a perfect essay on hand, but unfortunately your computer drive corrupts and your only printed copy is eaten by the neighborhood dog. Who knew this kind of misfortune happens in real life?

I wish for some misfortune.
Granted. The misfortune is: there is no misfortune. Sorry!

I wish my dog didn't have dementia
Granted, you have dementia now.

I wish that a game I ordered would arrive faster.
Granted. It comes with many packing peanuts inside, which you are very allergic to. You sneeze, vomit, piss, shit, and bleed everywhere.

I wish I was funnier, but not too funny.
Granted. All of your jokes are quite funny, but everyone's already heard all of them and no longer are amused by your antics.

I wish I had a single legal-tender US dollar in my hand right now without affecting my other finances.
Granted. You are deathly allergic to it's type of fiber. You die.

I wish for no more Among Us.
Granted, instead there are infinite sussy bakas, including you.
i wish for friends
Granted, Comrade. *Russian anthem starts playing*

I wish for less russian memes
Granted. Now there's Estonian memes. You don't understand them.

I wish I was immortal, but every 100 years I die for 50 years, then come back for another 100.
Granted, Humanity now worships you as their deity, and you have a religion, but the snail is slowly closing in during those 50 years as while you are dead, it is alive for those 50 years

I wish we can get more episodes of Stone Ocean
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