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Granted, that's why he's dead now.
i wish for a good gift for christmas
It immediately breaks.

I wish for a good pair of headphones
Granted, but its starting to fade away.
I wish for school to finish so I can go home
Granted. The shooting that was threatened does happen, and you die. At least there's no more school.

I wish for a hug from an old friend.
Granted, but they accidentally choke you in the process, causing your death.
I wish for my friend to die. (yes, you. the sitting one next to me)
granted, it creates a domino effect that results in the death of every user on this site

I wish for the US to abolish the speed limit on rural sections of interstate highway
Granted. People are speeding everywhere now. This starts a chain reaction which, in the end, causes 39 strangers to flash their wang at you in one day. Now look at what you've done!

I wish I had a sleep paralysis demon that would be nice and snuggle me at night when I get scared of the paralysis.
granted, but the sleep paralysis demon is covered in spikes, so everytime it tries to comfort you it hurts

i wish i had more peppermint bark
Yay, pain!

Granted. You try to eat it, but all of a sudden, it becomes peanut bark, which you are highly allergic to! You die.

I wish I didn't get constant nosebleeds.
Granted, you bleed internally

I wish for something interesting to happen
Granted. You see some interesting caramel candies, and eat them all. You now have that icky, sickly, sticky feeling in the back of your throat...

I wish my dog would willingly sit with me on this chair.
The dog sits on the floor, with you on the chair.

I wish I had magical healing abilities.
Granted, but everyone knows that the healer is the first one killed.

I wish that I could travel back in time before Christmas break.
Granted, but everything you did then, you do twice, including aging, and you keep looping, you can not die either, you are an immortal husk cause of this

I wish I could be in lunch already
Granted, but now the lunch ladies have a plot worthy of Captain Underpants. But you don't have Captain Underpants, do you?

I finally get a normal egg.
Granted, you start to cook it, smoke starts filling the room, you pass out, and when you wake up you are in a teal suit, and with 455 other people, you can see where i'm going with this

I wish I could beat Jevil and Spamton NEO
Granted, but I had to corrupt your save file to do it.

I wish I could have a completely normal egg without getting taken to Squid Game. (edit: Reading this out loud, why did I have to get to this point?)
Granted. You receive a normal, unchanged, perfect little clownfish egg. But it gets eaten by a shark. Finding Nemo.

I wish for James Woods to just stop what he's doing.
granted. two more people start doing it but worse

i wish i could be on top of my schoolwork
Granted. You find yourself physically on top of a hill of your schoolwork.

I wish I wasn't around this goddamn lunatic Summer, I really wish she'd just leave.
She left, forcibly dragging you with her.

I wish I was a god.
Granted, but you are so dumb you jump off a cliff thinking you were able to immediately learn to fly.
I wish for covid to end
granted, but covid-20 immediately starts

i wish i could take a nap
Granted, but you dream about elmo, and he's slowly gaining on you...
I wish for my neck to stop hurting.
Granted! You turn your neck, and it pops out of place. You're losing consciousness. You last thought before you pass out is "Hey, at least my neck doesn't hurt anymore."

I wish that I could understand Spanish easier.
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