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Rules are simple, post using arrows;
^Something about the person above you
>Something about yourself
vSomething about the person below you

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^Doesn't exist
>Copied this from the first tcas
vWill be the second poster (:
^ Revived a nice thread
< Likes the number two. Also tried to use the arrows under miscellaneous symbols, but they didn't show up.
v Is obsessed with colours.
^ Is quite correct
< Wonders what would happen if the Doctor crossed with a Pirate
v Dislikes vanilla creme soda
^ Is onto a hell of an idea
< Has never tried vanilla creme soda but is intrigued
v Has woken up in a bad mood
^ nope im in a semi-bad mood
< is awesome
v is ugly
^ is mean
< Has pretty good self confidence.
v wonders what they would look like as the opposite gender.
^ Has posed a very interesting thought...
< Wonders about an episode of Doctor Who in which the Doctor teams with a pirate
v Likes cake
^ Enjoys this thread
< Enjoys Cake
v Can't sleep either
^ Wonders how you knew
< Should probably eat something, but for some reason doesn't feel hungry
v Had something great for dinner
^ Is speaking the truth
< Wants to know why only one part of her head feels like it has a headache.
v should probably be doing something else.
^ shouldn't get into my personal life.
< has high expectations for this thread
V can recite the entire alphabet backwards
^ i remember you
< someone revived my thread
v Will tell me who the culprit is
^ culprit: a person or other agent guilty of or responsible for an offense or fault.
< is still awesome
v Thinks anything eletronic has life and can talk and stuff
^ Thinks you're not far off, and she sure as shit is never going to get into a "living" car or house or anything like that.
< Has seen one to many scifi movies.
v Wants a car that can parallel park itself.
^ Has an interesting idea
< Wishes he had a working car not just one that could parallel park itself
v Has a serious decision to make
^ Wouldn't mind having a time-travelling DeLorean.
< The time has come to make decisions, the changes have to be made.
v Doesn't know that song I just quoted.
^ Get's a lot of crap for the avatar.
< Is very sore from reffing a basketball game.
v Is looking at my arrows funny.
^ Quite true when saying I am looking at their arrows
< Can put a whole fist in her mouth
V Can't put a whole fist in their mouth, as it is a rare talent.
^ Is talented ;)
< Is annoying his neighbors with really loud bad music.
V Likes the pelvic persuasion.
^is confused with someone else
<wonders what would happen if there was an ability to enter any videogame/tv show/movie
v has taken Viagra for the wrong reasons
^ Is soon to be eleven years old.
< Has never taken viagra.
v Likes TwoCans more than facebook.
^ Correct, but much less addicted to it.
< Will be drooling over my homework for the next 5 to 6 hours.
v Will criticize me for not doing my homework earlier.
^ Doesn't enjoy homework at all too much.
< Should also do some homework.
v Has a dress in their wardrobe.
^ More like five
< Very hungry at the moment
v Has an odd favorite food
^has a slightly pixilated icon
< doesn't think lasagna is that weird
v wants homemade bread