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^ knows of my love for bread
< loves bread
V tried to put down my love of bread
^Undeniably wears a monocle
<Wants a monocole for herself
vHates monocles
^Is an owl
<Really wants some cough medicene
Vlikes to run...
^ is out of their mind.
< has asthma
v needs glasses or contacts.
^is apparently psychic
< Needs to come up with a Psychology experiment
V Will help me with said experiment
^ Will PM for the help.
< Is wondering why he's not in bed yet.
v Is thinking of elephants after reading this.
^ Plants thoughts in my mind
< is trying to block thoughts by thinking "lalalalala"
v is wondering if I need medication.
^ has a cute avatar. ^^
< is procrastinating about work he needs to do.
v is a professional sky diving instructor.
^ Is pretty new here.
< Will most likely never go sky diving.
v Is typing in their sleep.
^is correct?
<Is doing homework
v Is In their 30's
^ Must be blind.
< Is barely 20.
v Probably thinks I'm lying.
^ Is correct ( Just kiddin')
<Loves coconut cream pie
v Loves chocolate cream pie?
^ is incorrect
< Loves cinnamon apple pie
v Dislikes warm, fuzzy things.
^ Insults me [are you calling me cold? :(]
< Also loves chocolate cream pie
v Is crazy?
^ .tcerroc sI
< loves chicken.
v hates children. :O
^Fellin'the love
<LOVES children younger than me
v Has two first names
^ Is deliberately not telling those two names.
< Wants to know the two names.
v Will hopefully tell me what the two names are.
^ might one day learn his two names.
< Has a funky foreign name.
v would never be able to figure out to pronounce my name if I told them how to spell it, and vice versa.
^ Probably right.
< Is terrible at pronouncing everything.
v Has no idea what's going on here.
^ Sadly tells the truth.
< Means no offense to Moonbloom
v Can't pronounce the chemical name of Titin
^Can too!! It's pronounced like the letters TTN and is the protein found within muscles that allows them to move so fluidly.

<Loves science and hates when scientific words are mispronounced on television, such as dinoflagellates.

V Is probably lost as to what dinoflagellates are or why they are so cool.
^ Is correct, and also is probably going to be a future Spelling Bee Champion.

< Can automatically hear and correct incorrect grammar whispered from across the room, but can't spell worth a shit.

v Will ridicule me for my use of profane language.
^ I'm a sailor (and want to work on a rig), so I'm sure I have much more profound language.

< I fell in love with the ocean when I was 5.

V Can't swim, and is afraid of sharks.
^ I can swim, but never had the chance to be afraid of a shark.
< Loves to hear sailors curse! Funny as hell!
v Will begin a new topic not revolving around sailors, cursing, swimming, sharks, or spelling/grammar.
^ Has a lovely avatar.
< Dislikes the facebook chat.
v Likes skype.