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<Has not yet lost his virginity
v has lost their virginity
^ incorrect (I'm only 15 and if I've lost mine at that age something would be terribly wrong)
< Has never been in a relationship
v Has asked someone out before
^is correct
<got rejected
v also got rejected
<Is now bored at 10 at night
v is to fall asleep soon
^ probably asleep as of the time of this post
< is gonna go read
v has done their part and subscribed to pewdiepie
^Yes. Has probably liked Rewind 2018 but it's actually good
<Liked Rewind 2018 but it's actually good
v will do their part and like rewind 2018 but it's actually good
^Literally just listened to it
< doesn't want to move
v has to move
^ move homes or just like in general?
< kinda groggy, slept 4 hours
v has listened to at least 1 weezer song before
<Has found the meme songs
vhas found 1 meme aong
^I'm kinda making my own XD
< just got back from5 hours of show choir camp
v is tired and possibly sweaty
^ is half correct. Tired but not sweaty
< is posting on the forum for the literal first time
v probably watches tentacle porn
^ whoa pirst fost
< idk man tentacle porn is pretty gross. that said, i prefer vanilla
v remembers what their first post on two cans was
^is correct
<got their soul claimed on their first post
v has claimed someone's soul
<Has two souls
v has another soul besides the ones they collected: a dark soul
^is half right
<has their undertale soul
v also has their undertale soul
^Yes, just don't talk about Undertale around me.
<Dislikes Undertale to a degree
v does not
^Undertale is great I play it in Japanese all the time
<Has about 8 or 9 souls (I lost count but it's on my profile page)
v Has been a user for over a year
^ Y E S
v has been on for at least 6 months
  • = was expected
<actually hasn't been on for 6 months
v not their first time in this thread
^is correct
<may be correct
v doesn't have my soul
<Got a red
v has no dot
^I think your incorrect
<may or may not have orange dot
v doesn't have orange dot
^ u right
< can't wait for 2019 to be over already
v probably had an alright new years
^I mean, hey, I tasted wine for the first time, and spent some quality meme time with my cousins, so it was good
<Had a decent new year, but has to go back to school only 2 days after New year's day
v does not have this issue
^kinda right
<literally went to school on the 2nd
v didn't go to school on the day I posted this