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^ Two honors classes and an A.P. Whooo!
< Is doing alright with the homework load
v Is struggling with Semester 2 workload
^Bruh I'm barely doing anything
< just saw some stuff
v denies swearing
^ &$*!#@!*%#!@!&*^$&%#!@$*@$!
< Swears in earnest, especially in Theatre because the instructor doesn't care
v Swears very little
^ hecking incorrect
< swears all the damn time >.<
v uses reddit a lot
^Absolutely correct
< on the last class
v last class not
^ is in class
<'s last class is before lunch
v doesn't have half days
^is correct
<has minimum days
v prolly has those too
^Only on finals week
<Disappointed half days are only on finals week
v has done their finals
^ unfortunately
< grades remained more or less the same (except I forgot to turn in a 120-point packet to my World History teacher so I hope she forget's to put it in the grade book and it's counted as exempt)
v forgot to turn in an important assignment
^Plenty of times, yet I get all Bs
<Is an All B's student
v is also an All B's student
^is incorrect
<got a d in the literal easiest class that exists
v probably didn't get any d's or f's
^ *blinks*
< Maintains a 3.8 GPA in spite of ADD
v Has a ADD/ADHD
^is incorrect
<has not yet been medically diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but suspects that they have it.
v prolly doesn't have any chronic diseases
<Is starting to sell stuff online
v makes money some other way than ajob
^ Yes
< 3D prints and casts custom jewelry for some couples at their school, and makes a decent amount from it
v Also makes some money by selling their wares or skills.
^I just sell some used things of mine that work
< sells used items for reasonable prices
v sells services and reasonable prices
^ is secretly a drug dealer
< one time sold pokemon cards (at an unreasonable price lol) to the neighbor kid
v has never been in a play/musical
^ is also secretly a drug dealer

< would’ve been in the pit orchestra for the school play this year but then missed two weeks of rehearsal because she was in the hospital

v has not been in the hospital recently
^Last time was in 2015
<Made over 40$ selling stuff thus far
v does not hold rummage sales in the summer
^ I don't, sometimes my parents do
< is learning to play the flugelhorn
v likes to say "flugelhorn"
^Flugelhorn. Fluuugelhornnnn. Fun :3
<Says flugelhorn now
v doesn't say flugelhorn until now
^ knows how to pronounce flugelhorn
< Thought "flugelhorn" was spelled "fluehorn"
v can friggin read and write
<Moon Over the Castle
v can dream vividly
^most certainly correct
<had a vivid dream of an elevator accident last night
v wonders how that went
^Yes, how
< Has a vivid nightmare where my wrists can't bend for there were full sets of teeth growing from them
v is mildly disturbed by this