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^ has the same problem as me
< has a project due tomorrow and hasn't started it
v did something productive over the weekend
^is correct
<had a competition
v did not have a competition this weekend
^ had something to do this weekend
< currently downloading vrchat
v has not played vrchat
^ I tried getting it but it doesn't run on Mac hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
< over the weekend I hung out with a girl I like
v hung out with someone they liked (at one point in time)
^Correct. In fact I'd say we were in the same situation this weekend.
<Has been laying dormant for way too long, and will probably do so even longer.
vWill probably not try to talk me into being on more often.
^That is true, you do what you need to do
< has a 2-hour delay this morning (and had a total of 5 hours of school last week)
v wants to know how I had less than a full day of school last week
^ Is correct
< Would like to know
v Is not standing
^ I mean, if someone's at a computer, you've got a 90% chance of them sitting down
< Is currently in Spanish class
v English was not their native language.
^ 01010011 01100101 01101101 01101001 00101101 01100011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01100101 01100011 01110100
< lying, but had a chance to use binary code and went for it
v either ignored it or used a translator
^nah, totally translated it by memory
<did take a class on binary translation but forgot everything
v probably realized I contradicted myself
/\ Noticed
< Is amused when people say "binary" when referring to ASCII or UTF-8
\/ Is not amused
^ You're right, it annoys me
< Seriously, annoyed right now
v Is going to ignore this, or be salty
^ Is incorrect
< Is not salty nor did I ignore it
v Is tired as heck
^ yeah very.
< doesn't wanna go to sleep
v has not eaten durian
^ may or may not be asleep at the time of this post

< is unfortunately not asleep at the time of this post

v was also not asleep at the time of this post
^seeing as it was posted literally 4 minutes ago, no
< is waiting for English class to start
v is in class
^ nope. class doesnt start for another 30 minutes
< has an A period so I have to get to school early
v doesn't haven any early morning classes.
^ Is correct, i have no morning period classes
< Is super hecking bored in english
v has no cash currently on them
< in school
v not in school
^ right. I'm at home.
< takes spanish class
v has taken a language class
< Took Spanish two years ago
v Knows Spanish better than me
^ consider travelling to improve your skill
< "took" seven years of immersion Spanish
v has been places
< Has been outside north america
v Has seen things
^ Define things
< Currently working on establishing a TCP socket connection between a RoboRio and a NVIDIA Jetson TX1 to communicate and process vision data
v Has no idea what any of those words mean.
/\ Half right
< Used to be a techie, but is better now.
\/ Can perform a parity check.