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^Oh no, even for me, that's too advanced.
<Is currently walking the dog
v has pet
^ not currently
< the last fish I had(my sister won it at a carnival) died the next morning
v is at a super bowl party
^At home, watching Spider-Man 2, because Maroon 5 didn't play Sweet Victory
<Wants Maroon 5 publicly executed
v has seen the half time show
< Just learned the Super Bowl was today
v Has wondered why the Super Bowl has nothing to do with bowling
^🅱, no
<Is still angry at Maroon 5
v understands why
^ Knows that we live in a society
< Didn't watch Spongebob all that much but mourns the creator's death all the same
v Also lives in a society
^ open-minded
< well, yes, but nobody said it had to be polite socitey
v cheese connoiseur
^I'm in wisconsin, so yeah
< cheese connoisseur
v not cheese
/\ Correct
< Also likes cheese
\/ Has a local cheese shop.
< is in class
v is looking at memes
^ No
< Currently looking at a computer
v Is also looking at a computer
^ Has a pfp detailing their action
< Wants hugs
v Wants food
^ Correct
< Really doesn't care at this point
v Also doesn't care
^ Incorrect
< Cares sometimes
v Has learned from Care BearsTM that "caring is what counts"
^ Has not learned that
< Does not care to learn that
v is hungry
^I literally just had lunch
< reads manga
v reads
^ I mean yeah
< Reads but doesn't typically enjoy it
v Does enjoy reading
^Most of the time, yeah
<Definitely doesn't read adult content often
v doesn't read adult content often
^is incorrect correct
<Is underage
v Is also underage
^ Is correct
< Is correct!
v Is correct?
^ is kylljoy
< is limescum
v is another active forum user
<Listens to Gaur Plains
v does not
^ Does
< Does not
v ∈ Does ∩ Does not
^ created a mutually exclusive situation
< just learnt set theory
v learnt / is going to learn set theory
^ Caught my mistake
< Meant to use ∪
v Thinks I should proofread my posts more