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^ Is wrong for I have never been on Skype.
< Doesn't really chat anymore because I got annoyed by people I didn't really want to talk to.
V Is procrastinating something that really needs to be done.
^ Ditto.
< It's alright because someone must have pulled a gun to our deans head and cancelled classes today.
v Would love to know where I live.
^ Overestimates my curiosity.
< Is watching a Very Potter Musical Sequel
v has never seen said Potter Musical
^ Is a huge fan of Harry Potter.
< Has never seen the musical, but loves musical so will eventually see it.
v Is not interested in musicals.
^Is correct.
>It irritated me when that chick on West Side Story started singing instead of calling an ambulance.
vHas something that I want.
^ Wonders how she knows
< Is hoping for the blizzard to hit later
v Has no idea what I'm talking about
^ Wants it all.
< Has been listening to Queen this evening.
v Wants to ride their bicycle.

Edit: ^Is a fast poster.
^ Is wrong, I want to ride my tricycle!
< Wonder who on his site doesn't know about Doctor Who
v Eats paper and/or pencil shavings
^ is mistaken
< Is busy texting Whovian
v is amazed that a person would give her number to an online stranger she met on the forum.
^ Is correct.
< Loves Netflix instant streaming on XBoxLive.
V Loves eggs.
^ Is correct.
< Wishes he had some sunny side eggs right about now.
v Will eventually rule the world and start a world wide holiday for bacon.
^ Is mostly correct, I won't overthrow the planet, too much work.
< Has a new, fluffy, warm jacket thing.
v Is not wearing a fedora.
^ Is correct.
< Have fedoras, but am not currently wearing one.
V Does not know what a fedora is.
^ Is a silly man
< loves her fedora
v enjoys fps games
^has posted on this thread before
<cant find a dang picture that will fit... grrr
v wishes they knew me
^was right
<is really hungry
↓ is going to say something really nice about me.
^ I like that you used an arrow and not just a v
< is not very good at giving compliments
v should be going to bed very soon.
^ is a kitty
< is trying to figure out why he does rowing
v likes tacos
^ Is absolutely correct
< Hasn't eaten taco in a while
v Likes tacocats?
^ I love tacos, but not cats.
< I trying to find a reliable website that gives me the amount of jobs oil provides to Americans.
v Would love to help me.
^ Isn't thinking right.
< Needs to stop planning big meetings.
↓ Will help Maximillian
^ I am Maximillian.
< Still needs help.
v This time will help me.
^ Is correct, and I will be glad to help.
< Is NOT a man (in response to the kitty person way earlier).
V IS a man.
^ is incorrect
< is the original AM ;-)
v thinks text smilies are better than the emoticons.
^ doesn't know me
< likes both the text and emote smileys
v loves to sing