ForumForum Games ► <^v
^I thought of something funnier
<Let's me hear it
v knows what's up
<got 4k upvotes on their first serious reddit post
v doesn't care
^ Likes fake internet points
< Me too thanks
v Disgusted by karma farming
^ Is incorrect as I don't know what it is.

< Is bored af

v also bored
^ E
< is in class with a big deadline
v is not being rushed
^ Correct I'm indeed having a slow day

< Has to go to work tonight

v Doesn't work as of yet
< stressed af
v is likely not at school
^ Correct. Also hasn't answered my message from a while ago.

< Is pretty chill and doesn't really care one way or the other.

v Is Delbeto
^is incorrect
v got yeeted on. (yeet? yote?)
^ Has yoted on me

< Was wrong

< Mentally screeched while typing that
v did the same
^ Correct

< Is stuck in the snow on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

v Doesn't need to worry they are on their way.
<Menacing menacing
v is hungry
^ Is correct

< Wants a nice dinner with a nice person.

v Understands
^I don't have many nice people to dine with, so yeah
<Is a lonely dude
v has few, good friends
^ Is one of them

< Has only a few friends

v also has friends
^Orher than my friends here, perhaps
<Noticed the pfp change
v has now noticed the pfp change
^ Is correct as I made it.

< Likes unicorns

v Is Delbeto
<Is waiting for a response in a pm
v is currently not listening to Queen
^ Correct

< Also waiting for a response in PM as I haven't heard from ^ in a while.

v Delbeto again
^*Gasp* How did you know?
< Wishes they had esp
v has a similar thought
^ umm ok
< has to read Billy Budd which I can't understand
v had to read something they hated in high school English class
<I have read part of To Kill A Mockingbird
v has read To Kill A Mockingbird once
  • = was expected
^Correct (and has some weird red text on their post)
< Is reading Frankenstein for school
v Knows what Frankenstein says about Society
<is unsure
v is certain