ForumForum Games ► <^v
v okay
<doesn't use this site often
v does
^ i guess
< replied almost instantly
v also replied almost instantly but not as instantly as me
^Very true
<still on
v on when posting
^probably lol
< is bored
v is also bored
<Waiting for food at McD's
v is not waiting
^is true
v may exist
^ i'd like to think i do
> just found out that one of my favorite mobile games is no longer available in my region
v likes cake
^ Used ">" as the 'me' arrow
< > Uses both "<" and ">" for the 'me' arrow
v Will uses this as an opportunity to bring back "the compromise"
^ N o I W o n t
<Is not going to initiate "the compromise"
v is either in favor or objecting bringing back "the compromise"
v did not read as "e yes"
Ʌ t h e c o m p r o m i s e
< t h e c o m p r o m i s e
V t h e c o m p r o m i s e
^I'm not going to compromise
<is not going to compromise
v will change the subject
^ sure thing
< lives in a place where there is snow
v can't wait for summer
^ A time where I can actually work on what I want to? Yes please
< Dislikes summer because it's hot, and its easier to warm up that it is to cool down
v Prefers summer over winter

Also, new compromise:
/^\ Up Arrow
< { } > Side Arrow
\vWv/ Down Arrow
It's so ridiculous that nobody who wants a compromise would use it, and therefore those who don't want it don't see it. It's a win-win situation!

What? No, there's nothing here...
/^\ Up Arrow
< { } > Side Arrow
\vWv/ Down Arrow
^ I meant that as a joke
< Wants ^ to stop
v Like <, also wants ^ to stop, but blames ^^ (or <, I suppose) for giving ^ a bad idea
<Does not enjoy seeing the various arrow types
v agrees
LllllProbably gonna be on forums a bit more often
,lllll,Doesn't have an arrow pattern as obnoxious
^ Is using annoying arrows
< Is mildly sick right now
v Is perfectly healthy
^ Perhaps
<is mildly healthy, nosebleeds galore
v is aware that I am mildly now an anime character
A Oh yes, completely.
c Is being very annoying
v noticed I used one generic arrow
<Inspected a computer in best buy and made the Google search bar say I'm gonna say the n word
v does or does not appreciate that gesture of humor
^ Correct
< Does or does not appreciate ^'s post
v Is or is not annoyed with me for not being definite/being indefinite
^I'm not mad I'm just very, very confused
< found a $1,399 computer for $13.99 because someone entered the price wrong
v has a computer